VIDEO: Hearing on Muslim Brotherhood’s Global Threat Opens in DC

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The House Subcommittee on National Security heard testimony regarding the Muslim Brotherhood’s Global Threat on Wednesday, July 11, 2018. For more information:The Muslim Brotherhood’s Global Threat

Full video testimony at the link above.

Not surprisingly, the only panelist to defend the Muslim Brotherhood came from the Obama administration:

Daniel Benjamin, former coordinator of counterterrorism for the State Department under Mr. Obama, was the lone dissenter on Wednesday’s panel, sparking several sharp exchanges about the danger posed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Does the Muslim Brotherhood constitute a global threat? I would answer that it does not,” said Mr. Benjamin.

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Sharia: Religious Guide or Foreign Law — The Counter Jihad Report

Understanding the Threat, by Stephanie Ameiss, June 28, 2018: Sharia is what all jihadis unanimously state is the thing they seek to impose on the entire world, and the blueprint by which they are fighting us. There are two sources of sharia: the koran and the sunnah. According to Islam, the koran is the “uncreated […]

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Why Are Elected Politicians Legitimizing Terrorist Front Group? — The Counter Jihad Report

by Steven Emerson IPT News June 29, 2018 In jumping to appear before cameras and rallies to condemn this week’s Supreme Court ruling on President Trump’s travel ban, several elected Democrats empowered and legitimized an Islamist group whose leaders continue to engage in radical, incendiary speech. At a rally Tuesday that was well covered by […]

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How Islam Apologists Like John Esposito Dupe Americans About Sharia

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Source: How Islam Apologists Like John Esposito Dupe Americans About Sharia | Homeland Security

By Raymond Ibrahim

Does Islam itself promote hostility for and violence against non-Muslims, or are all the difficulties between the West and Islam based on secondary factors such as “radical” interpretations of Islam, economics, and other grievances?

This is the fundamental question.

Obviously, if “anti-infidel” hostility is inherent to Islam itself, then the conflict becomes existential — a true clash of civilizations with no easy fixes and lots of ugly implications along the horizon. Because of this truism, those who whitewash Islam’s image in the West insist on the opposite: that current difficulties are temporal, and not rooted to innate Islamic teachings.

Enter Shariah: What Everyone Needs to Know, co-authored by John Esposito and Natana J. Delong-Bas. The authors’ goal is to exonerate Sharia — which they portray as enshrining “the common good (maslahah

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Minnesota: Did Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar Violate House Ethics Rules With CAIR Cash?

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Source: Ilhan Omar: Grifting For CAIR & Hating On America While Violating House Ethics Rules

By John Gilmore

Rep. Ilhan Omar recently filed her Statement of Economic Interest with our political speech and conduct overlords, the misbegotten Campaign Finance Board. Even a cursory review reveals troublesome issues but, as usual, our local media isn’t reporting on any of them, no doubt instead looking for the next wild animal to scale a Twin Cities building.

Two distinct areas stand out in Omar’s statement. The first is her cheerful shilling, complete with honorariums of an unstated amount, for various state chapters of CAIR. These include California, Arizona and Chicago. In addition she was paid to appear at a function hosted by the Muslim Legal Fund, whose website cautions “if that new friend starts calling for ‘violent jihad,’ he might be an informant.” In Great Britain recently, two-thirds of Muslims said they…

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Teaching about Islam in U.S. schools

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Source: Teaching about Islam | Frontpage Mag

William Kilpatrick

I recently came across a Time article entitled “Let’s Teach About Islam in Our Schools.” The piece is from December 2014, but the author’s views are still widely shared. Indeed, they represent the dominant point of view.

So let’s see what he has to say. He writes that it’s essential to teach about Islam in public schools because there exists in America “a huge and profound ignorance about Islam.”

Can’t argue with that.  What else?  Teaching about Islam, writes the author, means “rejecting the stereotyping of Islam.”  Good point.  Stereotypes of Islam abound in our society.  Schools should try to correct these misperceptions.

What are the stereotypes?  According to the author, people have been misled to believe “that fanaticism and intolerance are fundamental to Islamic religion, and that violence and even suicide bombing have deep Koranic roots.”

Uh oh!  Maybe the…

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