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Money Revealed
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Muhammad Meets Media Muhammad

Muhammad Meets Media Muhammad

The violent, misogynistic Muhammad we read about in Islam’s most trusted sources is very different from the peaceful, inclusive Muhammad we hear about from modern journalists. What happens when the real Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) meets Media Muhammad? Find out in this installment of “Muhammad’s Boom-Boom Room,” starring Vocab Malone as Muhammad and Media Muhammad.

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Bird Mites an Invisible Enemy

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Bird Mites an Invisible Enemy

My wife and I are experienced some kind of pest/parasite invasion that started in our home over two months ago. These pests are not visible but bite us leaving red raised marks and other lesions. We feel like something is crawling on us and pricking our skin and cannot stop these sensations.

When this first happened, we called a pest control company and had them spray 3 different times with no luck. Finally, I hired another pest company to come in and spray with Delta Dust and got some brief relief. Out of fear of bring this to our new apartment we threw out all of our possession! Our neighbors thought we were crazy to do this, but we were very worried about taking them with us when we moved. Unfortunately, after moving with only air mattresses and toiletries we found the problem had followed…

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The Slow, Agonizing Death of Muhammad

Tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), Sam Shamoun and David Wood will discuss the slow and agonizing death of Muhammad after he was poisoned by a woman whose family he had slaughtered. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion!

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