Why are Nihad Awad, Dougie Ibrahim Hooper, and Cory Saylor wandering the streets of Washington, D.C. and elsewhere while they are the leaders of the largest Hamas organization in America – the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The following is a small portion of the evidence identifying the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a Muslim Brotherhood organization operating on behalf of the designated Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas.


Among the massive amount of evidence entered into the largest terrorism financing trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history – US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (hereafter “HLF”), Northern District of Texas (Dallas) 2008 – is a volume of evidence which definitively identifies CAIR as an organization established in 1994 by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s “Palestine Committee” which is Hamas in America.

While CAIR bills itself as a “Muslim civil rights” organization, the evidence does not support this and, in fact, demonstrates it operates as a Hamas/TERRORIST entity.

“I am in support of the Hamas Movement more than the PLO.”
CAIR Founder Nihad Awad, Barry University, March 1994

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant…The Koran, the muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
CAIR Founder/Chairman Emeritus Omar Ahmad, Argus Newspaper, Fremont, CA, July 4, 1998

Specific Facts

Hamas is a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the U.S. government and many governments around the world.

According to a document entitled “Islamic Action for Palestine,” which was entered into evidence in the US v HLF trial, the International Muslim Brotherhood issued a resolution to Muslim Brotherhood chapters around the world to create Palestine Committees to provide the terrorist group Hamas with “media, money, men, and all that.” The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood then created the U.S. Palestine Committee which initially created the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), and the Occupied Land Fund (OLF), which later was renamed the Holy Land Foundation or HLF. All of these were Hamas organizations.

In 1994, the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee created the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

In 1993, the leaders of the U.S. Palestine Committee – Hamas in the United States – met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The meeting was covered by the FBI via physical surveillance, microphones in meeting rooms, wiretaps on phones, and other investigative techniques. An Action Memo from FBI Counterterrorism Assistant Director Dale Watson stated this was a “Meeting among senior leaders of Hamas, the HLFRD, and the IAP.” The FBI’s analysis of the Philadelphia meeting entered as evidence in the US v HLF trial stated: “All attendees of this meeting are Hamas members.” CAIR founders Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad were present at this meeting.

The U.S. government’s indictment of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) stated: “The purpose of this (1993 Philadelphia) meeting was to determine their course of action in support of Hamas’ opposition to the peace plan and to decide how to conceal their activities from the scrutiny of the United States government.”

FBI recordings of the conversations by Hamas leaders at the Philadelphia meeting captured Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad discussing the creation of a new public relations organization for Hamas which an FBI Special Agent testified was CAIR, created in 1994 following the Philadelphia meeting.

CAIR was incorporated in 1994 by Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, and Rafeeq Jaber, all of whom were leaders of the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), a now-defunct Hamas organization in the U.S.

In 1993 and 1994, CAIR founder Omar Ahmad served as the National President for IAP (Hamas) and was the Chairman of the Board for CAIR from 1994-2005. Today, Omar Ahmad is the Chairman Emeritus for CAIR.

Rafeeq Jaber served as the National President of IAP (Hamas) from 1996-98 and 1999-2005.

Mousa Abu Marzook, the Deputy Political Chief for Hamas and the Leader of Hamas in the United States (Chairman of the U.S. Palestine Committee), was a member of the IAP Board of Directors.

CAIR founder and current Chairman Emeritus Omar Ahmad was on the Executive Committee for the U.S. Palestine Committee (U.S. Hamas).

Because of the overwhelming evidence that CAIR is a Hamas entity, U.S. prosecutors for the U.S. Department of Justice identified CAIR as a member of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee (Hamas), and as unindicted co-conspirators in the US v HLF case – the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history.

Official notes for the Palestine Committee (Hamas) Meeting in 1994 lists CAIR as the 4th organization created by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee (Hamas). This document was entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial.

In the December 2007 government filing in the US v Sabri Benkhala appeal (Eastern District of Virginia), the government stated: “From its founding by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists.”

In a document retrieved from CAIR’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. by one of its interns (Chris Gaubatz) CAIR openly discussed supporting Osama bin Laden. The document was titled “Proposed Muslim Platform for 2004” (dated 3/08/04) and stated, in part, “Attempt to understand Islamic movements in the area, and start supporting Islamic groups including Mr. bin Laden and his associates.”

In a 2004 FBI raid at the Annandale, Virginia residence of Ismail Elbarasse, a senior Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood leader, the archives of the U.S. MB were discovered. One of the documents found listed the leaders of the U.S. Palestine Committee (Hamas). On the list were the names of CAIR founders Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad (alias Omar Yeheya).

In the U.S. government’s filing rebuking CAIR’s motion to have its name removed from the unindicted co-conspirator list in the HLF case, U.S. prosecutors stated, “As of the date of this response, the Court has entered into evidence a wide array of testimonial and documentary evidence expressly linking CAIR and its founders to the HLF and its principals; the Islamic Association for Palestine and its principals; the Palestine Committee in the United States, headed by Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzook; and the greater HAMAS-affiliated conspiracy described in the Government’s case-in-chief.”

In the government filing rebuking ISNA/NAIT’s motion to have their names removed from the unindicted co-conspirator list in the HLF case, U.S. prosecutors stated, “The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood created the U.S. Palestine Committee, which documents reflect was initially comprised of three organizations: the OLF (HLF), the IAP, and the UASR. CAIR was later added to these organizations…the mandate of these organizations, per the International Muslim Brotherhood, was to support Hamas.”

In ruling to leave CAIR on the unindicted co-conspirator list in the HLF case, Federal Judge Jorge Solis listed a portion of the overwhelming evidence against CAIR and wrote:  “The Government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA, and NAIT with the HLF, the Islamic Association of Palestine (“IAP”), and with Hamas.”

In a 3-0 ruling, an Appellate panel agreed to leave CAIR, ISNA, and NAIT on the unindicted co-conspirator list in the HLF case.

The Holy Land Foundation was convicted of being a Hamas organization, and its leaders were convicted of being Hamas leaders which funneled over $12 million to the Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas overseas.

The Hamas organization HLF provided CAIR with $5,000 of seed money when it was founded, and CAIR raised money for the Hamas organization HLF.

FBI Assistant Director Steve Pomeranz stated: “By masquerading as a mainstream public affairs organization, CAIR has taken the lead in trying to mislead the public about the terrorist underpinnings of militant Islamic movements, in particular, Hamas.”

In a February 2010 affidavit from an FBI Special Agent in the immigration proceedings for Hamas leader Nabil Sadoun in Dallas, Texas, the affiant declared the U.S. Palestine Committee was affiliated with Hamas. He further identified four (4) Hamas organizations created by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee/Hamas in America: Holy Land Foundation, Islamic Association for Palestine, United Association for Studies and Research, and Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Nabil Sadoun served on CAIR’s Board of Directors and was previously the Director of CAIR-Texas and a Board Member there as well. Sadoun helped found the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR) with U.S. Hamas leader Mousa abu Marzook. Sadoun also founded the Muslim American Youth Association (MAYA) with Osama bin Laden’s nephew Abdullah.

In a 2003 Senate Sub-Committee hearing on radical Islam, Senator Charles Schumer (NY) stated, “To make matters worse, the prominent members of the Council’s (CAIR’s) current leadership who you Mr. Chairman invited to the hearings today, they declined to testify, also have intimate connections with Hamas.”

In a letter dated February 12, 2010 to U.S. Congresswoman Sue Myrick (NC) from Assistant U.S. Attorney General Ronald Weich, Mr. Weich wrote “Enclosed (is) evidence that was introduced in that trial (US v HLF) which demonstrated the relationship among CAIR, individual CAIR founders, and the Palestine Committee. Evidence was also introduced that demonstrated a relationship between the Palestine Committee and Hamas.”

In June 2009, on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Frank Wolf (VA) gave a lengthy speech in which he laid out a great deal of the evidence against CAIR and its ties to Hamas. The transcript of this speech can be found at:

In a letter dated April 28, 2009 from the FBI’s Assistant Director, Office of Congressional Affairs, to U.S. Senator Jon Kyl (AZ), the FBI leader details why the FBI cut off all formal ties to CAIR and identifies CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in the US v HLF trial because of its relationship with the designated Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas.

CAIR received funds from overseas organizations WAMY (World Association of Muslim Youth) and IIRO (International Islamic Relief Organization), a subsidiary of the Muslim World League (MWL). Both WAMY and IIRO are Saudi-funded organizations whose U.S. offices were raided by the government because of their ties to Hamas and Al Qaeda.

In 1999, CAIR received $250,000 from a Saudi-based bank headed by the former director of the Muslim World League (MWL), identified by Osama bin Laden as a primary source of funds for Al Qaeda. Federal investigators raided MWL’s U.S. offices.

In a 2008 interview, the Deputy Supreme Guide of the International Muslim Brotherhood (IMB) Muhammad Habib posted on the IMB’s official website, Habib was asked about the Brotherhood’s connections to CAIR. Interviewer: “But back to CAIR, some people from the Muslim Brotherhood have denied having a connection with CAIR. Do they really represent you?” Habib: “Ehh, this is a sensitive subject, and it’s kind of problematic, especially after 9/11.” Interviewer: “For them to say that there is a relationship between you two?” Habib: “Yes, you can say that.”

Bassem Khafagi was convicted of two (2) counts of bank fraud and one (1) count of visa fraud in 2003, sentenced to ten (10) months in prison, and deported to Egypt. At the time of his conviction, Khafagi was the Director of Community Relations for CAIR. Khafagi was funneling money to promote terrorist activities through the Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA) which he helped found.

At the time he was serving as the Civil Rights Coordinator and a Communications Specialist for CAIR’s National office, Randall Royer trained with the designated Foreign Terrorist Organization Lashkar e Taiba. Royer was arrested in 2003 by the FBI, and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Ghassan Elashi was the founder of CAIR-Texas prior to 2000, and is the cousin by marriage of the leader of Hamas in the United States at the time Mousa abu Marzook. Elashi is a Hamas leader and was one of the founders of the Hamas organization Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), convicted in the Northern District of Texas in 2008 for sending millions of dollars to Hamas leaders and organizations overseas. He was the Vice President of InfoCom, a computer company located in Richardson, Texas. Elashi and InfoCom were convicted in 2004 on six (6) criminal counts, including conspiracy to violate the Export Administration Regulations and the Libyan Sanctions Regulations.

Muthanna al Hanooti, the former Director for CAIR-Michigan, was identified by the FBI as an intelligence agent for Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and pled guilty in 2011 for violating U.S. sanctions against Iraq. Hanooti is the son of Mohammed al Hanooti, a senior Hamas leader in the United States who was the President of the IAP (Hamas) and raised over $6 million dollars for the Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas. Mohammed al Hanooti was identified by the U.S. government as an unindicted co-conspirator in both the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the US v HLF case.

Siraj Wahhaj sits on CAIR’s Advisory Board and CAIR leaders identified Wahhaj as “one of the most respected Muslim leaders in America.” On Feb. 2, 1995, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Mary Jo White named Siraj Wahhaj as one of the “unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Wahhaj promotes sharia in the United States, including advocating for the killing of homosexuals.

Mohammad El Mezain is a founder and former Chairman for the Holy Land Foundation, a convicted Hamas front organization. El Mezain was a fundraiser for CAIR. In 2009, El Mezain was sentenced to fifteen years (15) in prison for materially supporting the Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas in the US v HLF case (Northern District of Texas, Dallas).

Rabih Haddad was a fundraiser for CAIR and a founder of the Global Relief Foundation (GRF), which funded terrorism until it was shut down by the U.S. government after 9/11/01. Haddad was arrested by the FBI in December 2001 and deported to Lebanon. The U.S. Treasury Department identified Haddad as a member of Makhtab Al-Khidamat, the “precursor” to Al Qaeda, and the Immigration Judge hearing Haddad’s case remarked Haddad presented a “substantial risk to the national security of the United States.”

CAIR has a long record of defending jihadis and jihadi organizations, and continues to publicly condemn all counterterrorism efforts of the U.S. government and local law enforcement. CAIR has never defended the United States in its war against the jihadis. 

CAIR is a Hamas organization. Hamas is a TERRORIST organization.

CAIR is a TERRORIST organization.JGDesignated TerroristDonald TrumpHamasInternational Muslim BrotherhoodISISIslamIslamic LawjihadMosqueMuslim BrotherhoodshariaSPLCState Sponsors of TerrorismTerrorismThe UmmahTreasonUS Muslim BrotherhoodUS Palestine CommitteeUSA v Holy Land FoundationUTTal qaedaCAIRChris GaubatzCory SaylorCouncil on American Islamic RelationsDallasFBIFrank WolfHamasHoly Land FoundationIbrahim HooperISISIslamic Association of PalestineIslamic Society of North Americajihadjon kylMousa abu MarzookMuslim BrotherhoodNihad AwadOccupied Land FundOmar AhmadOsama bin LadenRafeeq JaberSabri BenkhalaSue MyrickterrorismUnited Association for Studies and Research

About JGJohn Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).

CAIR Director Herman Mustafa Carroll: Practicing Muslims Are Above The Law of the Land

CAIR Director Herman Mustafa Carroll: Practicing Muslims Are Above The Law of the Land

May 6, 2019 Tim Brown Culture 0


From the archives: July 30, 2013.

According to the leader of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Muslims living in America should not be bound by U.S. law. “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,” said Herman Mustafa Carroll, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR branch.

I suppose at the very least, Carroll is being honest about what practicing Muslims believe. This is what we’ve been telling people all along. Now CAIR is becoming a bit more vocal about what they are really about.

TRENDING ON DC CLOTHESLINE:Supreme Court Shoots Down New York City’s 2nd Amendment–Avoidance Scheme Main Core: Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law 

Carroll made the statement at a rally in Austin, Texas as part of a nationwide effort to hold “Muslim Capitol Day” events. According to the event website Muslims came to the Texas capitol to “promote civic and political activism throughout the wider Muslim community.”

It appears to me that they are promoting jihad and lawlessness. “We tried to downplay Sharia, because we didn’t want to give the other side any excitement for being here,” he said.

He then attempted to dismiss his critics as “anti-foreign.” I wonder if we should just out him now as “anti-American,” since he thinks he is above the laws of America.

“When you even say the word Sharia, people get nervous. We are not advocating for Sharia. We are not trying to make Sharia the law of the land,” he said.

While saying that Muslims only want the right to practice their faith, Carroll also included this little tidbit. “If you understand Sharia, the foundation of our faith … how we treat our neighbor, how we treat our parents … how we participate in society, all of that is part of Sharia.”

He must have intentionally left out the parts about jihad, honor killings and treating women and infidels as chattel, while seemingly speaking about harmless treatment of neighbors and parents.

They discussed “the recent House and Senate bill proposals involving the implementation of ‘anti-Sharia’ legislation, where the First Amendment rights and freedoms of Muslims would ultimately be hindered.”

Carroll attempted to downplay Sharia law, despite joining with the ACLU to oppose the anti-Sharia legislation in Texas.

I told you about how the federal government was seeking to close the mouths of free speech in regards to Islam back in June. I don’t recall Mr. Carroll standing up and opposing that. In fact, his organization didn’t make a peep about that, which simply means they are complicit in it.

The event even included a speech by a representative of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, who declared that Texas was an awful place and that Islam was the answer.

“Why did Muhammad say that he would not rest until the Koran was the law of the land?”

“Islam does not have Texas in the current condition, the current socio-political condition that Texas is in. What is this condition that Texas is in? Why is Texas on the brink, when you look at Texas in comparison to 50 states, education, percent of population graduating from high school is 46, high school completion rate is 46, the scholastic assessment rate, the SAT score in Texas is 47, the percentage of population with no health insurance in Texas is first, those without health insurance Texas is first. When you look at the state of a child in Texas, the percentage of uninsured children, Texas is first… etc etc

You shouldn’t be filing legislation against Islam, when you look at Texas, Islam is not the problem. Islam is the solution. Allah Akbar.”

Well I suppose if you consider a means to illiteracy and poverty as your goals, then perhaps Islam is the answer. If you consider the merciless killing and degradation of women as what you are out to achieve, then yes, I suppose Islam is the answer. If you are considering an eternity in Hell, then yes Islam would provide that answer.

However, Carroll has also defended terrorists on the same grounds as his statement above; Muslims are above the law of the land.

“I think you can only blame Hamas for so long. It takes two to tango. And I think, you know, that what we’ve heard for a number of years is this terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, was not just Hamas.”

“Look at the true cause of the terrorism. It’s not somebody is reading a book, reading a Qur’an, and then go out and say, ‘Well, the Qur’an told me to blow this up. I’m gonna blow it up.’ The cause, the root cause of terrorism is oppression. The root cause of terrorism is oppression.”

Now ask yourself, those that read the Qur’an believe they are above the law of the land and some even go so far as to obey the words of the Qur’an and murder infidels. They both share a common core: The teachings of a demon-possessed pedophile, murdering thief named Mohammed.

Back in 2003, CAIR founder Omar Ahmad sought to bully a newspaper that quoted him saying:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant.”

For my friends who think Islam is not a threat to our society, let that one sink in.

For years Ahmad has been trying to seek a retraction from the newspaper, but to no avail as the paper stands by the article. I applaud their courage to do so and expose the attempts at taqiyya being put forth by Ahmad and his Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.

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Hamas-linked CAIR’s Hassan Shibly Claims US Government’s Terror Watchlist is Unconstitutional

Hamas-linked CAIR’s Hassan Shibly Claims US Government’s Terror Watchlist is Unconstitutional


Are there people on the watchlist who shouldn’t be on it? Have law-abiding, peaceful Muslims been inconvenienced? Probably. Mistakes will always be made. But Shibly doesn’t want just more care when adding people to the watchlist, and better treatment of the people who are on it. He wants it scrapped altogether. This is tantamount to saying that because the U.S. military sometimes accidentally kills non-combatants, it should be dismantled.

Now why would Shibly want there to be no terror watchlist at all? Does he think there is no jihad terror threat? Or might it have to do with the fact that he heads the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)? CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. CAIR officials have repeatedly refused todenounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements about how Islamic law should be imposed in the U.S. (Ahmad denies this, but the original reporter stands by her story.) CAIR chapters frequently distribute pamphlets telling Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement. CAIR has opposed virtually every anti-terror measure that has been proposed or implemented and has been declared a terror organization by the United Arab Emirates. CAIR’s Hussam Ayloush in 2017 called for the overthrow of the U.S. government. CAIR’s national outreach manager is an open supporter of Hamas.

Now why would someone who works for such an organization want the terror watchlist scrapped? It’s a real head-scratcher.

“U.S. Government’s Terrorist Watchlist Violates the Constitution, Lawyer—and Plaintiff—Says,” by Chantal Da Silva, Newsweek, April 3, 2019 (thanks to Witness to Jihad):

A lawyer named as a plaintiff in a case questioning the constitutionality of the government’s use of a federal terrorist watchlist says it is time for the U.S. to end its practice of “targeting Americans on the basis of their faith, particularly the American Muslim community.

“Since I was 18 years old, I’ve personally been stopped over two dozen times, including being placed in handcuffs, asked about my religious practices and subjected to extremely humiliating treatments at the hands of federal officers who have treated me like a second-class citizen on account of my faith,” Hassan Shibly, a lawyer who heads the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)’s Florida chapter, told Newsweek.

While Shibly has represented a number of high-profile cases as a lawyer, including that of Hoda Muthana, who left the U.S. to join the Islamic State (ISIS) and has sought to return to America, in this case, which was brought forward by CAIR, he is also a plaintiff.

While the watchlist is meant to include those who are known or suspected terrorists, according to the Associated Press, it contains hundreds of thousands of names. Shibly said he is just one of many Muslim-Americans whom he believes have been placed on the list for no reason other than their religion.

That is why, on Thursday, when a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, is expected to weigh in on whether the U.S. government’s use of its federal terrorist watchlist violates the Constitution, Shibly hopes the judge will rule in the plaintiffs’ favor….

“For example, Government border agents often remove watchlisted individuals and their families from their cars at gunpoint, and then copy the complete contents of their phones,” CAIR said in a statement.

Thursday’s court hearing comes after the government acknowledged in February that it shares its watchlist with more than 1,400 private entities, including hospitals and universities, sparking outrage among rights advocates.

Shibly said the revelation should demonstrate “the level of harm people who are wrongfully placed on the list can be subjected to.”

“It can affect their employment, their ability to exercise their rights,” he said. “It can have tremendously devastating impacts… It’s preposterous that the government can share with over 1,400 entities your name and cast you in a negative light without due process.”

“Ultimately,” Shibly said, “the watchlist program and the negative impact it’s had has made America a less safe and free nation… It undermines our religious liberty and our security.”

The CAIR lawyer said: “I can tell you that every American Muslim has either been on the list or has known somebody on the list.”…

Pro-Islam CAIR’s Public School Propaganda Scheme In San Diego Was Just Permanently Shut Down

Pro-Islam CAIR’s Public School Propaganda Scheme In San Diego Was Just Permanently Shut Down

By Mack Cogburn –  March 20, 2019  Defiant America

Nihad Awad
Nihad Awad

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was trying to implement a pro-Islamic brainwashing scheme on public school children in San Diego, however parents sued the school district and put a stop to it.

CAIR, who was named by the government as co-conspirator of the largest terrorist funding case in US history, worked their way into influencing the the San Diego School District late 2016 and then in 2017 introduced their “Anti-Islamophobia Inistiative,” as a vehicle to push their religion on Sand Diego school children.

As reported by the Middle East Forum:

The Council on American-Islamic Relation’s (CAIR) ubiquitous presence in the San Diego Unified School District is over, thanks in part to the Middle East Forum. Ads by Revcontent

settlement in the federal lawsuit against the District, substantially funded by MEF, ends the District’s “anti-Islamophobia initiative,” which: (i) singled out Muslim students for special protections; and (ii) empowered Islamist CAIR to change the District’s curriculum to portray Islam more favorably.

The District enacted its initiative in 2017 at the behest of CAIR, which claimed that “Islamophobia” was sweeping through schools after the November 2016 elections. According to the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund – which brought the lawsuit on behalf of five San Diego families – CAIR activists were teaching schoolchildren “how to become allies to Muslim students” and conducting Islamic education workshops for teachers, among other inequities.

Under the terms of the court settlement:

  • “Educators should treat each religion with equal respect, with the time and attention spent discussing each religion being proportionate to its impact on history.”
  • “Educational material on religious subjects must be neutral and may not be presented in a manner that promotes one religion over another.”
  • “Educators or other staff sponsoring guest speakers at District events must ask them not to use their position or influence on students to forward their own religious, political, economic or social views and shall take active steps to neutralize whatever bias has been presented.”
  • “Guest speakers from religious organizations are not permitted to present to students on religious topics.”


Watch one of the parents address the School District about the matter in 2017:

👍Dad Christopher Wyrick,Finds Out School Is FORCING #Islam #ReligionBeliefs Down His Son’s Throat!His #PATRIOTIC Reply Goes VIRAL!#BanSharia— TRUMP ANOMALY® (@ANOMALY1) May 4, 2017

This is a big victory since CAIR planned on using this as a pilot program to launch a propaganda assault on our children nationwide.

Now we can be certain schools will remain neutral in their treatment of various religions.

Social media censorship is suppressing the truth about the dangers of globalism and brutal cultures infiltrating the west. Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that Democrats and the mainstream media suppress.

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New Mexico Muslims Who Plotted Jihad Massacres Linked to CAIR and Democrats

New Mexico Muslims Who Plotted Jihad Massacres Linked to CAIR and Democrats


“A federal grand jury in New Mexico has indicted five Muslims who allegedly trained children to carry out school massacres on terrorism-related offenses, conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping.”

The children also lived under abusive conditions. The leader of the group is Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, “the son of Imam Siraj Wahhaj, a former board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations” (CAIR). And while the imam is not responsible for his son’s actions, he himself “is on record urging a violent overthrow of the ‘filthy’ U.S. government. The elder Wahhaj gave an opening prayer at an event at the Democratic National Convention in 2012,” and “has been called a spiritual adviser to jihad promoter and Bernie Sanders supporter Linda Sarsour.”

This is all the more alarming given the normalization of Islamic anti-Semitism in the Democrat camp. The Democratic Party changed the wording of a resolution condemning anti-Semitism that was clearly a rebuke of the anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar, to make it about “Islamophobia” and “white supremacism.” Bernie Sanders has defended Omar and stated “we will stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters.”

The anti-Semitism problem within the Democrat Party is mirrors that of the UK’s Labour Party. Both increasingly turn a blind eye to Islamic anti-Semitism.

With Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the Palestinian jihad has arrived in the U.S. Congress. Ignoring this problem is akin to ignoring the root cause of the global jihad: the Islamic theology of jihad and the imperative to conquer the House of War.

“‘Muslim terrorists’ in New Mexico tied to Democrats,” World Net Daily, March 19, 2019:

A federal grand jury in New Mexico has indicted five Muslims who allegedly trained children to carry out school massacres on terrorism-related offenses, conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping.

The five were arrested Aug. 3, 2018, after authorities in a raid found 11 hungry children living in squalid conditions in a remote, makeshift training compound.

The leader, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, is the son of Imam Siraj Wahhaj, a former board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations who is on record urging a violent overthrow of the “filthy” U.S. government. The elder Wahhaj gave an opening prayer at an event at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, pointed out Matthew Vadum in an column for FrontPage Magazine. The imam also has been called a spiritual adviser to jihad promoter and Bernie Sanders supporter Linda Sarsour. Vadum wrote that the “openly anti-Semitic Sarsour sits on the board of the Women’s March organization and openly admits membership in America’s largest Marxist group, the Democratic Socialists of America.”

The imam has insisted his son’s problems with the law amounted to a domestic conflict that has nothing to do with Islam.

The defendants previously were indicted on weapons and conspiracy charges. The new indictment, issued Thursday, alleges “the defendants conspired to provide material support in preparation for violent attacks against federal law enforcement officers and members of the military,” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers.

“Advancing beliefs through terror and violence has no place in America, and the National Security Division continues to make protecting against terrorism its top priority,” he said.

The defendants, along with Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, are Jany Leveille, Hujrah Wahhaj, Subhanah Wahhaj and Lucas Morton. Leveille, Wahhaj’s “Islamic wife,” is an illegal immigrant from Haiti who also is under investigation by federal immigration authorities for overstaying her non-immigrant visitor visa.

During the raid, authorities found the remains of a 3-year-old disabled boy who later was identified as the son of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. The indictment accused Wahhaj of kidnapping the boy from his legal wife and transporting him from Georgia to New Mexico.

Leveille allegedly told the children the boy would be resurrected as “Jesus Christ” and would tell the group which government institutions they should target.

FBI Special Agent Travis Taylor testified Leveille and her husband “sought to recruit and train persons, including minor children, to be prepared to engage in jihad and train an army of jihad and to die as martyrs.”

According to court documents, the five defendants “established a residence, training camp, and firing range at which they stored firearms and ammunition and engaged in firearms and tactical training as part of their common plan to prepare for violent attacks on government, military, educational, and financial institutions in fulfillment of” Leveille’s “religious prophecies.”….

The Democratic Party’s “Progress” into Antisemitism (Part Two)

The Democratic Party’s “Progress” into Antisemitism (Part Two)


“The halls of power bowed to the pulse of the street. This moment marks a new future for American Muslims,” crowed a recent mass email from the Hamas-derived Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR’s executive director, Nihad Awad, had every reason to rejoice, for Democratic representatives had just transformed a congressional censure of antisemitism into a resolution that actually protected pro-jihad Muslim anti-Semites like him.

The CAIR email condemned the original intention of the resolution that Congress passed on March 8. In a “twisted logic, Democratic leadership planned to release a resolution condemning anti-Semitism as a public rebuke of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar,” who has consistently made anti-Semitic statements, as previously discussed. Adopting hackneyed arguments that Omar and others, including her Democratic colleague Rashida Tlaib, are merely legitimate critics of Israeli policies, the email celebrated an end to the “silencing of criticism of Israeli apartheid.”

While the resolution had its origins in national outrage over Omar’s years-long recidivist string of anti-Semitic remarks, the ultimate text did not mention her and buried antisemitism. As the prominent orthodox Rabbi Dov Fischer observed, in the resolution the “Democrats will not name the Jew-hater,” but “condemn everything except for apple pie” in what the New York Post called a “meaningless…Pablum.” Yet his fellow rabbinical luminary, Shmuley Boteachnoted that this “milquetoast resolution condemning nearly every form of bigotry (anti-Christian prejudice was notably missing)” passed 407-23, including with her support. Condemnation of white supremacists like the Ku Klux Klan had a prominent textual place, while rampant antisemitismamong her Muslim coreligionists worldwide received no mention.

Instead, the text condemned “Islamophobia,” a late twentieth-century neologism that has consistently served its totalitarian purpose of suppressing any critical inquiry into the beliefs and behaviors of Muslims. Accordingly, the resolution cavalierly dismisses “unfair allegations that they sympathize with individuals who engage in violence or terror or support the oppression of women, Jews, and other vulnerable communities.” While Omar and Tlaib’s insinuations about divided Jewish loyalties had angered many, the resolution’s statement that “imputations of dual loyalty threaten American democracy” could equally encompass concerns about illiberal Islamic ideologies.

Unsurprisingly, CAIR celebrated the fact that the resolution “is the first piece of legislation mentioning Islamophobia to pass either chamber of Congress.” CAIR’s allies in the fight to change the resolution’s contents also touted their successful efforts. These included the anti-Semitic Muslim-American political activist Linda Sarsour and the anti-Israel US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, a supporter of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

Thus the Democrats “hijacked a condemnation of Jew-hatred and twisted it to make Muslims, not Jews, the victims,” noted this author’s colleague and anti-sharia activist, Deborah Weiss. Correspondingly, Mehdi Hasan, a BDS-whitewashing reporter for the Qatar-based television channel and fount of antisemitism Al Jazeeradecried the “Islamophobic and racist attacks” upon Omar in an interview with her. Tlaib likewise blamed “Islamophobia” for Omar’s public troubles.

Such statements reflected how Muslims such as Omar used religious identity to deflect criticism. “Many on the left believe that as a woman of color, a Muslim, and an immigrant, Omar cannot, by definition, be a purveyor of hate and prejudice,” conservative Jewish commentator Jonathan Tobin explaineed. Such “identity politics” means that “those who are considered oppressed receive immunity to do things that those considered more privileged cannot do.”

As one anonymous Democrat critic of Omar told Breitbart, “Islamophobia has become the knee jerk reaction to anyone who dares criticize her.” An online open letter from Sarour’s Mpowerchange organization in support of Omar rejected any worries about Islamic antisemitism as an “Islamophobic stereotype that Muslims are inherently antisemitic.” Correspondingly, the anti-Semitic writer CJ Werleman denounced the “phony and scurrilous charges of anti-Semitism” that” targeted “two Muslim women representatives,” Omar and Tlaib, “moral leaders in their party.” Conservative commentators such as FrontPage contributor Daniel Greenfield therefore noted Omar’s status as a “member of the Democrat’s protected victim class.”

Muslim reformer Shireen Qudosi observed the dangerous implications of such ideological untouchables. A week before the resolution’s passage, a political poster appeared in the West Virginia capitol building that juxtaposed Omar’s picture with an image of the September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda attacks upon New York’s World Trade Center. Contrary to the claims that this was a slanderous association of her with 9/11, Qudosi accurately saw thereby that with Omar and her allies the “ideology that goes ‘tick tick boom’ went from crashing into the Twin Towers to walking the halls of Congress.”

March 6 confrontation outside of Tlaib’s congressional office between Qudosi’s fellow Muslim reformer Asra Nomani and Omar supporters following their Capitol Hill rally proved Qudosi’s point. As Nomani and others videoed, rally participants including Sarsour, CAIR national outreach manager Jinan Shbat, and former CAIR Connecticut chapter leader Mongi Dhaouadi conferred with Tlaib and/or prevented Nomani from entering Tlaib’s office. Her choice of consulting anti-Semitic, Israel-hating, pro-jihad individuals over Nomani clearly showed the political influencesthat so devastatingly distorted the congressional reaction to Omar.

As Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer has explained, the ability of the Democrats’ emerging radical political base to squash censure of Omar shows that she “stands victorious as the new master of the Democratic Party.” Especially the freshman congresswoman’s coveted position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee reveals that “open anti-Semitism has become mainstream and normalized on the Left today” and it is “not just mainstream, either: it’s the future.” On this committee she will have a “sort of bully pulpit that Israel-haters have lacked up until now,” Tobin has warned.

Spencer’s aghast summation is that Omar “has achieved the normalization of a paranoid Jew-hatred not seen in the political mainstream since the Third Reich.” “I don’t believe that anyone in the history of Congress has so openly and vilely attacked Jews and Israel,” Boteach has concurred, an assessment supported by factual evaluation of her many falsehoods. The congressional resolution has worked merely to “cement Omar’s criticism as on the kosher side of the line when it comes to what may constitute antisemitism,” analyzed Jerusalem Post editor Seth Frantzman. Moreover, she showed little willingness to reform during a March 5 meeting of congressional Democrats where, among other things, she refused to endorse Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish national homeland.

Democrat leaders will most likely want to continue to ignore any of Omar’s offenses, as she has proven her undivided loyalty to the new red-green political alliance of Leftists and sharia supremacists. She has particularly offered no objection to “Pelvic Left” agendas so central to the modern Democratic Party’s “Sexual State,” even as individuals like Judge Jeanine Pirro speculateabout the significance of Omar’s hijab and Islamic modesty cultureEspecially incongruous is the Left’s embrace of homosexuality while Muslims such as Siraj Wahhaj, her ally Sarsour’s mentor, espouse brutal Islamic orthodoxy towards gays.

Omar notably has recommended legal action against athletic organizations for not allowing “transgendered” biological males to compete against women. Thereby she absurdly argued that the “myth that trans women have a ‘direct competitive advantage’ is not supported by medical science.” Additionally, she evinces no concern about how “transgenderism” threatens females’ most intimate privacy, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Thus anti-Semites such as Omar will remained ensconced in the Democratic Party. Her haughtiness towards the media likewise reflects that the press has previously shown little interest in substantial evidence that The Democratic Party’s “Progress” into Antisemitism (Part Two)she engaged in marriage fraud with her immigrant brother. This dire political arrangement raise critical questions for Jews, traditionally a stalwart Democratic constituency, as the last article in this series will examine.

CAIR’s Radical Speaking Circuit Faith-led, Seventh-Century Justice-Driven

CAIR’s Radical Speaking Circuit
Faith-led, Seventh-Century Justice-Driven

by Benjamin Baird
February 22, 2019


The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has grown accustomed to promoting overt anti-Semitism to push its radical Islamist agenda. This week, CAIR chapters defended freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar after she came under firefor anti-Semitic tweets. And, on Nov. 25, Hussam Ayloush, executive director of CAIR’s Los Angeles chapter, wrote that the Middle East would be “better off” if Israel were “terminated.” Days later, CAIR-San Francisco director Zahra Billoo echoed her colleague’s genocidal zeal by plainly stating, “I am not going to legitimize a country that I don’t believe has a right to exist.”

And yet, in boilerplate letters endorsing CAIR’s 24th annual banquet and fundraiser, nationally prominent lawmakers like Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) praised the nonprofit’s “fight against discrimination of all forms,” and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) lauded CAIR for welcoming “people of goodwill from all faiths and nationalities into our neighborhoods and our schools … “

Despite these glowing endorsements, in Senate testimony CAIR has been called a “radical Islamic fundamentalist front group for [the Palestinian terrorist entity] Hamas.” The FBI cut ties with the group in 2009, and the United Arab Emirates designated CAIR as a terrorist entity in 2014.

Nevertheless, 101 congressional lawmakers sent letters glorifying the Islamist organization ahead of its 2018 national banquet.

Thanks in part to this ignorance and indifference, CAIR has completed another successful year of fundraising. Donations collected from sold-out events at many of CAIR’s 30 local chapters are used to fund its lawfare projectspolitical grooming campaigns and anti-Israel activism throughout the succeeding fiscal year. But if CAIR’s controversial past doesn’t betray its Islamist-leanings, the keynote speakers invited to more than a dozen fundraising ventures this past fall and winter are a dead giveaway.

Speaking circuit

CAIR’s national branch is no exception. Using the motto “Faith led, justice driven,” the headquarters’ 24th annual banquet on Oct. 20 featured presentations from some of the most radical names from America’s most hardline Islamist activists, including acute anti-Semites like Dr. Yasir Qadhi.

During a 2008 lecture, Qadhi recommended that his audience read The Hoax of the Holocaust and argued that “Hitler never intended to mass-destroy the Jews,” and he has taught that Christians and other non-Muslims are “filthy, impure [and] dirty,” insisting that their lives hold “no value.”

Qadhi was joined behind the podium by other prominent Islamists, such as University of California, Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian and Salafi cleric Omar Suleiman. Like Qadhi, Suleiman is an instructor at the fundamentalist AlMaghrib Institute, where more than a half-dozen convicted terrorists have been educated since 2001, and he teaches that homosexuality is a “disease” and a “repugnant shameless sin.”

As the co-founder of the anti-Israel Students for Justice in Palestine, Bazian called for an intifada, or armed uprising, in the United States in 2004, and he has used social media to advance anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and share offensive Jewish caricatures.

Green wave

Concurrent with its national fundraiser, CAIR held a Leadership and Policy Conference dubbed “We the People, Organizing for Justice: Vision 2020.” This training seminar was the culmination of a nationwide political grooming campaign designed to empower 200 Muslims to run for office in 2020.

Failed Michigan gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed and former Cambridge City Councilor Nadeem Mazen lectured conference participants enrolled in the “How to run for public office” forum.

El-Sayed was the vice president of the University of Michigan’s Muslim Students’ Association (MSA), an Islamist campus club known to share political and theological views with revolutionary Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. A dual Egyptian-American citizen, El-Sayed signed a 2012 letter supporting the “revolutionary decisions” taken by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and calling for a “purging of the media and the police” in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

Mazen was similarly groomed at the MSA before moving on to become a founding member of CAIR-Massachusetts and a Cambridge city counselor. Even in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, Mazen opposed the “militarization” of Boston police and called for disbanding their SWAT unit.

Familiar faces

With CAIR’s national conference complete, a cast of Islamist luminaries appeared at banquets across the country in the waning days of 2018. Regulars on the CAIR speaking-circuit included Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, who was honored as a keynote speaker at successive CAIR banquets in South Florida and Tampa Bay in early November before appearing at a CAIR-Columbus gala on Feb. 2.

During a 2004 sermon at the extremist Dar Al Hijrah mosque in Church Falls, Va., Abdul-Malik predicted that Islam would come to dominate American society. In addition, the imam has called for attacks on Israeli infrastructure and declared his sympathy for radical Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

Al Jazeera English contributor Mehdi Hasan was invited to wax lyrical at New York’s 20th-annual banquet at the LaGuardia Marriott. Hasan has described non-believers as suffering from an “infirmity” or a “disease of the human mind,” and has called atheists “cattle” in accordance with his interpretation of the Quran.

CAIR-Alabama’s third-annual benefit featured former CAIR-Houston executive director Mustafaa Carroll, who has openly defended Hamas, a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. “I think you can only blame Hamas for so long,” Carroll said in 2009, after Hamas fighters fired more than 6,000 rockets at civilian targets in Israel. “It takes two to tango,” he added.

Carroll’s Houston chapter held its 17th annual banquet on Dec. 9 and featured keynote speeches from Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour, who was recently asked to step down as a co-chair of the national Women’s March movement after she refused to condemn an antisemitic speech by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. The feminist organization has been hemorrhaging donors since a recent Tablet investigation revealed that Sarsour was employing Nation of Islam bodyguards as her personal security.

CAIR declared its 2018 fundraising campaign “faith-led” and “justice-driven.” But CAIR’s dogmatic defenders espouse a stunted, deformed interpretation of the Islamic faith and endorse a seventh-century version of justice. Corporate and private donors would be better served contributing their time and resources to moderate Muslim institutions that don’t share an antiquated worldview with terrorists and hate groups.

Benjamin Baird is a writer for Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.

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