Twitter Assists Islamists (Apostate Prophet Permanently Banned)

Twitter seems quite confused in permanently banning me, Apostate Prophet, from Twitter for correctly referencing a religion and criticizing it. Meanwhile, people like Louis Farrakhan call Jews “termites” and incite hatred, others wish death and destruction, others endorse the punishment of death for apostasy, some send death threats and receive a ridiculous 1-hour suspension. In good faith, I merely hope that Twitter reverses this wrong decision. Saudi Prince Alaweed Owns Majority Stock Twitter Inc.

This Saudi prince now owns more of Twitter than Jack Dorsey does
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Twitter Assists Islamists Twitter Bans Apostate Prophet Twitter Bans Social Media Bans Social Media Saudi Prince Alaweed Owns Majority Stock Twitter Inc. Jack Dorsey Ceo Twitter

Prince Alaweed
Prince Alaweed Buys Twitter Stock