FAQ-42: Is the Qur’an Muhammad’s sole MIRACLE?

The Arabic word ‘Qur’an’ is derived from the root qara’a, which the angel Jibril used with Muhammad when he commanded ‘Iqra’, which means “read”, or “recite” (imperative), in confronting him in 610 A.D. in the Hira cave, situated north-east of Mecca (Mishkat IV p.354). Muhammad could not read or recite, so he was finally released by the angel to return to Mecca. According to Muslims the Qur’an is the final revelation from Allah. In Arabic the Qur’an is also referred to as Al-furqan (the distinc¬tion), or a comparison with the previous books, thus a polemic against those earlier books. It’s also known as Al-mus’haf (the scroll), which technically could refer to any codex, or a collection of sheets, but when Muslims couple it with the definite article ‘Al’, ‘the’, it then refers uniquely to the Qur’an. Another word is Al-dhikr (the warning), the most appropriate word for the Qur’an, because there are warnings after warnings against the Jews, the Christians, the Pagans, and the idolaters throughout. Concerning its makeup, Islamic scholars suggest that 86 of the 114 surahs were revealed in Mecca, which according to tradition would have been between 610 AD and 622 AD, while the remaining 28 surahs were revealed at Medina (between 622-632 AD). Yet, as portions of some surahs were recited in both places, you will find scholars still debating the origins for a number of them, which adds to the confusion. Furthermore, there is no real sequence to the Surahs, as the surahs vary in length and generally go from the largest to the smallest, with the smallest Surahs first (i.e. the Meccan Surahs) and the longest Surahs later on, suggesting that they became more verbose as they wrote. Unlike the Bible, which is interested in chronology (i.e. each book, chapter and verse follows in sequence), the Qur’an jumps all over the place, with stories beginning, yet not ending, with no transitional phrases to help the reader. It feels like many of the stories and ideas are simply collected from many sources and placed randomly within the Surahs…which as we’ll see is exactly how the Qur’an was put together. The Surahs are known by a name or title, which are taken from the general theme of that surah, or a particu¬lar subject addressed within that book, usually a person or event, though often it’s not neces¬sar¬ily at the beginning of the surah, which makes it even more confusing. For those who like statistics, the Qur’an consists of 114 chapters (surahs), made up of 30 parts, 6,616 verses (ayas), 77,943 words, and 338,606 letters (Mishkat III, p.663). This sounds huge, but it’s roughly the same size as our New Testament and can explain why so many Muslims can memorize it so easily today. When we look into the importance of the Qur’an, we need to return to the Qur’an itself and ask why Muslims consider it to be such a great book. The backstory to that question concerns the Jews who lived in Medina when Muhammad first went there in 622 AD. They were from Medina, and Muhammad was not, so they required some sign from Muhammad in order to consider him a prophet. So, they asked him to perform a miracle, a proof required of prophets in the Bible to prove that they were from God. You can see these requests in the Qur’an itself, in Surahs 2:118-119; 6:37, 124; 13:7; and 17:59, 90-93. The Qur’an is very clear however, that he couldn’t do any miracle, and his replies to each request was that he was only a “warner”, a “guide”, and a “bearer of glad tidings”, not much of a defense for the supposed ‘greatest of all prophets’, or even the ‘seal of the prophets’. This continues to cause a dilemma for Muslims today. How can they prove that their prophet was not only a true prophet, but the greatest of all prophets, superior to every other prophet who had come before? The solution they believe, is the Qur’an, which they contend is Muhammad’s sole miracle. For, how could a man, a mere caravan leader, who could not even read or write, compose such a beautiful, and ‘inimitable’ piece of literature, unless it was indeed from god, and given to Muhammad, piece by piece, over 22 years, proving not only that it was from god himself, but that Muhammad was indeed the greatest of all prophets, all because of the Qur’an. It is for that reason that we are going through this series of videos, to test if indeed the Qur’an is such a miracle, to ascertain if it is, as the Muslim’s claim, “inimitable”, beyond any other revelation, or any other piece of literature. After watching these series of videos, you decide if indeed, the Qur’an is Muhammad’s greatest miracle. © Pfander Centre for Apologetics – US, 2019 (23,030)

USA: Tennessee Imam Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi: “Jews and Christians are Filthy, Their Lives and Property can be Taken in Jihad by the Muslims”

Tennessee Imam Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi: “Jews and Christians are Filthy, Their Lives and Property can be Taken in Jihad by the Muslims”
Tennessee Imam Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi: “Jews and Christians are Filthy, Their Lives and Property can be Taken in Jihad by the Muslims”

Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi, a Memphis Imam based in Tennessee, preaches openly about what Islam truly is. He makes no bones about thinking that anyone other than a Muslim doesn’t deserve anything and are less than Muslims. In fact, part of Yasir Qadhi’s preaching includes rhetoric that says non-Muslims lives are forfeit and their property is legal for Muslims to take in jihad, (and this would include women as sex slaves) Recently Yasir Qadhi said that “Jews and Christians filthy, their lives and property can be taken in jihad by the Muslims.”

Yasir Qadhi is not only a Memphil Imam, but is is also the Dean of Academic Affairs at the Al-Maghrib Institute. He is a hafiz (has memorized the Qur’an) and he has an M.A. in the Islamic Creed and a B.A. in Islamic Sciences from Islamic University of Medina, as well as a master’s and a doctorate in Islamic Studies from Yale.

Yasir Qadhi Islamic JIhad Preacher
Yasir Qadhi
Islamic Jihad Preacher Imam Abu Ammar Yasir Qadhi
Islamic Jihad Preacher Imam Abu Ammar Yasir Qadhi

yasir qadhi During a lecture on Shirk, or polytheism, Yasir Qadhi said that Jews and Christians are mushrikoon, or polytheists, because they have made partners with Allah. From Yasir Qadhi’s perspective, only Muslims are monotheists.

He also claims that it is the responsibility of every single human being to bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and him alone.

Now pay attention here. Yasir Qadhi now will tell you what the result and command that stems from this twisted principle.

“And it is because of this same principle of monotheism that the prophet has been commanded to do jihad.”

OK, now we’re getting somewhere. Did all of you alleged “moderate” Muslims out there get that? Of course, you did. You know this. You know jihad is not just some internal struggle. It isn’t about losing weight or getting in shape or some personal goal to be obtained. It is a holy war to advance the caliphate, the Islamic State.

While jihad is not the goal, Qadhi says, it is the means. “It is a means to establish monotheism on the land,” Qadhi says.

Let me translate that for any who are still skeptical and buying into the lie that Islam is peaceful. Jihad is a means, a violent means, to an end, or goal, where Islam dominates the United States. In fact, Islam believes it will dominate the world, and I emphasize the word dominate.

Qadhi claims that he “has been commanded to fight the people until they testify.”

“The whole reason why Allah has created us and sent the prophet and revealed the books, and differentiated us based upon this principle and allowed for jihad, is the basis and is the principle of monotheism,” he continues. “The life and property of a “Mushrik” (someone who does not worship Allah) holds no value in the state of jihad.”

As if that wasn’t outlandish enough, Yasir Qadhi continues by attempting to differentiate that life is valuable at times, just not when jihad is going on. Well, who knows when that is going on?

Qadhi said, “The life and property of a mushrik [one who worships others besides Allah] holds no value in the state of jihad….which means if they don’t sayla illaha illa Allah, their lives and property are halal” — that is, permitted to be taken by the Muslims. “The prophet, and I quoted the hadith before, ‘I have been commanded to fight the people until” they profess that there is no god but Allah, and once they convert to Islam, “their life and property become protected from them.”

What does all of that mean? I’m glad you asked and so is Yasir Qadhi. This “means if they don’t” convert to Islam, “their life and property are halal (or in this case, free for the taking legally) for the muslims.”

He then goes on to say that Christians commit “shirk,” they are unbelievers, and they are polytheists.

Then he gets into ad hominem attacks on Christians. “They are filthy, a spiritual filthiness which can only be purified by the purity of tawheed (monotheism).” He then adds that Allah believes anyone who is not a Muslim is a “nudge.” In other words, a nudge, in Arabic is “najasa,” and it means that you are “feces, urine, filthy, or contaminated.”

Well, I have news for Yasir Qadhi and all Muslims. The God of the Bible says you are filthy and you distort his teachings and he will come one day to judge you, but should you fail to repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ and seek to pursue a jihad on American soil, we will see your jihad and raise you another crusade if you seek to push this filthy, backwards, disgusting and immoral ideology of Islam on us.

Australian Muslims Refuse to Disavow Violent Koran Verses

Australia: Muslims say call to disavow violent Qur’an verses is “inappropriate,” will “never, ever, ever” do it

Australia: Muslims Say Call to Disavow Violent Qur’an Verses is “Inappropriate,” Will “Never, Ever, Ever” Do iI

Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, the Grand Mufti of Australia, claims that “only two Koran verses talk about pre-emptive fighting.”

Unfortunately, the reporter or reporters present apparently didn’t have the wit, interest, or journalistic standards to ask him which ones those were. There are many more verses than two that call upon Muslims to fight unbelievers, whether pre-emptively or not. Here are some of them. Note that 8:39 calls on Muslims to wage perpetual war against non-Muslims until they become Muslim or, as per 9:29, submit to Islamic hegemony.

“And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from where they drove you out; persecution is worse than slaughter. But fight them not by the Holy Mosque until they should fight you there; then, if they fight you, kill them — such is the recompense of unbelievers, but if they give over, surely Allah is all-forgiving, all-compassionate. Fight them until there is no persecution and the religion is Allah’s; then if they give over, there shall be no enmity save for evildoers.” (Qur’an 2:191-193)
“We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve for what they have associated with Allah of which He had not sent down authority. And their refuge will be the Fire, and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers.” (Qur’an 3:151)

“They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore do not take friends from among them, until they emigrate in the way of Allah; then, if they turn their backs, seize them and kill them wherever you find them; do not take for yourselves any one of them as friend or helper.” (Qur’an 4:89)

“This is the recompense of those who fight against Allah and His Messenger, and hasten about the earth to do corruption there: they shall be killed, or crucified, or their hands and feet shall be struck off on opposite sides; or they shall be exiled from the land. That is a degradation for them in this world; and in the world to come awaits them a mighty chastisement.” (Qur’an 5:33)

“When your Lord was revealing to the angels, ‘I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers; so strike the necks, and strike every finger of them!” (Qur’an 8:12)

Fight them, till there is no persecution and religion is all for Allah; then if they give over, surely Allah sees the things they do.” (Qur’an 8:39)

“Make ready for them whatever force and strings of horses you can, to strike terror into the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides them that you know not; Allah knows them. And whatever you spend in the way of Allah shall be repaid you in full; you will not be wronged.” (Qur’an 8:60)

“Then, when the sacred months are over, kill the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they repent, and perform the prayer, and pay the alms, then let them go their way; Allah is All-forgiving, All-compassionate.” (Qur’an 9:5)
“Fight those who believe not in Allah and the Last Day and do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and do not practice the religion of truth, even if they are of the People of the Book — until they pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.” (Qur’an 9:29)

“Allah has bought from the believers their selves and their possessions against the gift of Paradise; they fight in the way of Allah; they kill, and are killed; that is a promise binding upon Allah in the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Koran; and who fulfils his covenant truer than Allah? So rejoice in the bargain you have made with Him; that is the mighty triumph.” (Qur’an 9:111)

“O believers, fight the unbelievers who are near to you; and let them find in you a harshness; and know that Allah is with the godfearing.” (Qur’an 9:123)

“So do not weaken and call for peace while you are superior; and Allah is with you and will never deprive you of your deeds.” (Qur’an 47:35)

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its loads. So it shall be; and if Allah had willed, He would have avenged Himself upon them; but that He may try some of you by means of others. And those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will not send their works astray.” (Qur’an 47:4)

But not to worry. It’s all because non-Muslim English speakers take these verses out of context, doncha know. Silma Ihram, president of the Australian Muslim Women’s Association, “said that when the Koran is translated from Arabic to English, ‘meaning and context is lost.’” She says: “The English translation does not convey the depths of meaning that the Koran actually holds for those relevant verses. There are very few verses in the Koran that can be twisted for violent purposes, there are a lot more in other scriptures. That is why we are working as much as we can to educate Muslims on interpreting the Koran.”

If there are “a lot more” verses in other scriptures “that can be twisted for violent purposes” than there are in the Qur’an, why have there been 34,516 violent jihad attacks worldwide since 9/11, each one committed by devout Muslims who often cited the Qur’an to explain and justify their actions, while there have been no terror attacks by Jews or Christians who cited the Bible to explain their actions? If Ihram had been asked that question, she would doubtless have answered that it was because of Israeli “occupation” and the depredations of American foreign policy. But The History of Jihad shows that Islamic jihad is a lot older than America and Israel, and is a constant of Islamic history, everywhere Muslims have gone.

I’ve written all this over and over again, in response to the claims of so many deceivers. It is over 17 years since 9/11 now. Islamic jihad groups are active all over the world. Yet the West remains so resolutely blinkered, so unwilling to see that there even is a problem, that these deceivers keep deceiving again and again, and no one challenges them. Probably on the last day of its operation, as Australia is engulfed in civil war between non-Muslims who don’t wish to live under Sharia and Muslims who believe they have a responsibility before Allah to make sure that they do, SBS News will still be publishing stories about how the Qur’an is misunderstood on a massive scale, and Islam is really, deep down, a religion of peace.

“Islamic leaders reject judge’s call for Muslims to denounce verses of the Koran,” by Maani Truu, SBS News, February 1, 2019 (thanks to Phil):

Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed
Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed

Australian Muslim leaders have rejected comments from a NSW Supreme Court justice, who said Muslim leaders should publicly denounce “belligerent” verses of the Koran, as “inappropriate”.

Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed said religious leaders would “never, ever, ever” disavow verses of the holy text while president of the Australian Muslim Women’s Association Silma Ihram said that it was not appropriate for a judge to delve into religious scripture interpretations.

“All Muslim associations that are registered and well-known in Australia have condemned acts of violence and have condemned the use of terrorism,” she said.

“So to hold us to account for the misinterpretation and misuse of our holy book is inappropriate.”

On Thursday, Justice Des Fagan said Muslims need to “make a clear public disavowal” of what he called “belligerent” verses of the Koran while sentencing two terror-plotters in the NSW Supreme Court.

Speaking on SBS Arabic24, Dr Mohamed rebutted the comments and invited Justice Fagan to meet him over coffee.

“You don’t ask to disavow medicine if some doctors exploited it, you don’t ask to disavow law if some lawyers misused it,” he said.

“We have been talking about this for the last 15 years; we have disavowed any act that harms anyone.”

He said only two Koran verses talk about pre-emptive fighting while Ms Ihram pointed out that when the Koran is translated from Arabic to English, meaning and context is lost.

“The English translation does not convey the depths of meaning that the Koran actually holds for those relevant verses,” she said.

“There are very few verses in the Koran that can be twisted for violent purposes, there are a lot more in other scriptures.

“That is why we are working as much as we can to educate Muslims on interpreting the Koran.”

Dr Rateb Jneid, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president, said a judge shouldn’t be drawing conclusions on a holy text.

“A judge’s role is to deal with the individual before the court and not the religion as a whole,” he said in a statement.

“A judge in such circumstances is unlikely to have sufficient material before them to draw any conclusions about the religious position on such texts beyond what the individual in question may or may not believe.”

Justice Fagan’s comments came during the sentencing of Sameh Bayda and Alo-Bridget Namoa, both 21, who were found guilty in October last year of conspiring to prepare for a terrorist act.

“Terrorists’ reliance on verses of the Koran to support an Islamic duty of religious violence has been seen with more or less clarity in a number of NSW and Victorian cases,” he said.

“If the verses upon which the terrorists rely are not binding commands of Allah, it is Muslims who would have to say so.

“If Australian followers of the religion, including those who profess deep knowledge, were to make a clear public disavowal of these verses, as not authoritative instructions from Allah, then the terrorists’ moral conviction might be weakened.”

The couple, described by Namoa as a “jihadi Bonnie and Clyde”, were involved in planning a violent street robbery between December 2015 and January 2016.

Both are now eligible to apply for parole due to time already served since their arrest.

Justice Fagan pointed to sermons on the pair’s phones quoting Koran verses which “unmistakably instruct the believers to undertake jihad in pursuit of universal Islamic dominance” as an example of verses that should be denounced.

“As seen in this and numerous other prosecutions, the hostile verses [in the Koran] are inspiring serious crimes,” he said.

It’s not the first time that Muslim community leaders have been called on to do more to stop radicalism in their communities.

In November last year, following a terror attack in Melbourne CBD that left one man dead, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said there was a “special responsibility on religious leaders to protect their religious communities and to ensure that these dangerous teachings and ideologies do not take root here.”

“They must be proactive, they must be alert and they must call this out, in their communities and more broadly, for what it is,” he said.

The comments were met with backlash, as some Muslim leaders claimed that the statements “alienated” members of their community and the Australian National Imams Council accused the Prime Minister of politicising the Bourke Street attack.

“It is extremely disappointing in such difficult times and during a national tragedy, when all Australians of all faiths and backgrounds should be called upon to unite and stand together against any form of extremism and violence, to see our nation’s leader politicising this incident and using it for political gain,” the council said in a statement.

Sacred Hate Speech


Many Kafirs (non-Muslims) are quick to condemn hate speech. But what if those “haters” are sacred figures?

There’s a lot of talk about hate speech these days. YouTube, Facebook, and others are going to eliminate hate speech. Well I wish them luck with that, but I’m going be talking about some hate I bet they’re not able to eliminate: the hate that is found within the doctrine of Islam for the unbeliever.

For instance, Quran 98:6. The unbelievers amongst the Christians, Jews, and pagans will be in the fire of Hell. These are the worst of creatures. Who’s of the worst of creatures? People such as myself. Now, I don’t know, but when I’m called the worst of creatures, does this qualify for hate speech? Then we have a piece of hate speech that’s repeated five times a day by every good Muslim. The first sura of, or chapter of, the Quran has seven verses, and Muslims repeat these every time they pray. The seventh verse says, not those who anger Allah nor those who go astray. Who are these people who angers Allah? The Jews. Who goes astray? The Christians. So constant prayer by Muslims condemns the Christians and the Jews.

Now then, let’s talk a little bit more about hate, sacred hate. Quran 48:29. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and those with him are the severe against the Kafirs and merciful amongst themselves. Notice that Muslims are to be severe amongst people such as myself but merciful unto themselves. This is sacred hate and sacred love. It has a technical name and is part of the ethical system of Islam. Al-Walaa wal-Baraa, hating what Allah hates, Kafirs, loving who Allah loves, Muslims.

Is this hate speech? Quran 8:55. Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are the Kafirs. The vilest of animals. Other translations of this verse are lowest of animals. So, I’m the lowest of animals according to Allah. Hate speech? I don’t know; might be… read more at www.politicalislam.com
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Not the Same God: Is the Qur’anic Allah the Lord God of the Bible?

The Qur’an claims that Allah and the God of the Bible is one and the same. It can be politically convenient to hold this view and may appear to promote tolerance. Yet, for true tolerance and effective dialogue, a deeper understanding of one another’s religious claims is imperative. In this book Solomon and Debs draw on Qur’anic scholarship to present a compelling case against this doctrine of ‘sameness’. The characteristics of the God of the Bible are far removed from the Allah presented in the Qur’an. The Lord God of the Bible looks for a loving relationship with humankind whom he created in his image; in full revelation of himself, God became man on earth and dwells by his Holy Spirit in the hearts of all who ask him.
About the Author
Sam Solomon, a former Islamic jurist, was born and raised as a Muslim and trained in Sharia law for 15 years before converting to Christianity. He is a senior lecturer and research co-ordinator, a human rights activist and an advisor to British as well as European Parliamentarians. Sam is the Islamic Affairs Advisor to Christian Concern and author of many thought-provoking books and articles on Christian-Muslim relations. Dr Atif Debs, formerly a university professor and business leader at the forefront of the Energy field was also born and raised as a devout Muslim—but within a moderate context, whereby a form of tolerance to other faiths was the norm. Upon realising that the “truth” is in Biblical Christianity, he has increasingly dedicated the majority of his time to researching and expounding the contrasting relationship between Islam and Biblical Christianity. He is actively engaged in ministry both at home and internationally, in churches as well as theological and educational establishments.

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Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Wilberforce Publications Ltd. (July 5, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0957572573
ISBN-13: 978-0957572577
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

North American Mohammedan Imams Calling for the Murder of Jews in the U.S.


North American Imams calling to murder Jews Imams who advocate mass murder are only the tip of the iceberg of the hatred coming out of segments of Muslim society in the U.S. Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld , 28/12/18 08:32 | updated: 12:25

Manfred Gerstenfeld
Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld
The writer has been a long-term adviser on strategy issues to the boards of several major multinational corporations in Europe and North America.He is board member and former chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and recipient of the LIfetime Achievement Award (2012) of the Journal for the Study of Anti-Semitism.
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Muslim immigration into North America has brought with it several religious preachers who call for the murder of Jews. This happens sometimes in mosques where these words are occasionally even cheered by the hating faithful. This type of incitement is also frequently found on social media.

The same extreme hatemongering by Muslim preachers in Western Europe has been previously exposed by this writer. The incitement by Muslims against Jews in the Western world has increased as a result of the nonselective immigration policy of these countries. Hate imams living in democracies calling for the murder of Jews is a reality which is not looked at systematically despite the fact that it should be subjected to extreme scrutiny.

A few examples of North American imams calling for the murder of Jews will illustrate this. In 2017, Ramadan Elsabagh head of the Islamic Services Foundation Quran Institute in Garland Texas, posted a recorded prayer to his Facebook page caling to “destroy the Zionists and their allies, and those who assist them and those who allowed them into the abodes of the Muslims. . . Oh Allah save [Al Aqsa] from the hands of the accursed violators. . . . Oh Allah destroy them.” Elsabagh is also a featured Quran reader on many internet sites.

When President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December 2017, Imam Raed Saleh Al-Rousan of Houston, Texas preached that “Muslims should fight the Jews.” He spoke in Arabic. The Washington-based MEMRI Institute uploaded an English translation of his inciting words to their website. Al-Rousan then apologized saying that he is opposed to all forms of terrorism.

Around the same time, Imam Abdullah Khadra of Raleigh, North Carolina mentioned a Hadith – a traditional saying of Mohammed – about killing Jews.

In Jersey City. New Jersey, Imam Aymen El Kasaby called the Jews “apes and pigs.” He promoted their annihilation and was cheered on by people attending his sermon. He prayed to Allah: “Count them one by one, and kill them down to the very last one, do not leave a single one on the face of the earth.” The worshippers
He prayed to Allah: “Count them one by one, and kill them down to the very last one, do not leave a single one on the face of the earth.” The worshippers responded “Amen.”

responded “Amen.”

The Islamic Center of Jersey City suspended El Kasaby for four months without pay. Yet, the fact that his employers allow this extreme hate monger to continue to preach shows that the problem surpasses a few extreme individuals. These expressions of hatred usually go beyond even the extremes of right wing antisemitism.

At the Davis Islamic Center in Northern California, Imam Ammar Shahin preached in his sermon that the Jews were contaminating Muslim shrines with their filth. He said: “Oh Allah, count them one by one and annihilate them down to the very last one.” Afterwards, the Imam apologized to the people he had offended.

Canada is not spared either. In 2004, South African-born Sheik Younus Kathrada from Vancouver referred to Jews as “the brothers of the monkeys and the swine” in sermons posted on the Internet. He said that the Prophet tells: “Oh Muslim, Oh slave of Allah.., behind me is a Jew. Then come and kill him.” He added that Islamic scripture predicted an apocalyptic battle with the Jews. Kathrada said, “Unfortunately we hear too many people saying we must build bridges with them. No. They understand one language. It is the language of the sword, and it is the only language they understand.”

In 2016, Imam Ayman El-Kasrawy based in Toronto, said: “O Allah, whoever wishes ill for us and wishes ill for Islam and the Muslims, make his plot tied around his neck. O Allah, turn fate against them and annihilate them as you annihilated the peoples of Aad and Thamud.”

Imams who advocate mass murder are only the tip of the iceberg of the hatred coming out of segments of Muslim society in the U.S. Imam Abdul Alim Musa – an African American convert — spoke at the Al-Islam Mosque in Washington in 2016 and said about Trump that the Zionists will “bring a fool to power anytime they can, to do their bidding.” He accused Zionists of creating a Hitler-like environment similar to the one existing before World War II. He also claimed that Zionists were behind the terror attacks on the World Trade Centre on 9/11 and then framed Muslims.

On October 18, 2018 at the Islamic Center of South Florida, Imam Hasan Sabri called for the liberation of Palestine even at the cost of tens of millions of Muslim lives.

The extreme hate speech by several imams and the support of their faithful exposes a structural problem in American society. The First Amendment of the Constitution’s free speech rules apparently enables both incitement to murder and applauding it. If these preachers do not have American citizenship, the U.S. should have expelled them. Yet, it may take a long time before Americans become aware of the need to change the Constitution to make such hate speech punishable.

Unhindered extreme hate mongering raises additional issues. Beyond the inciter and his followers there are also whitewashers of incitement. By far the most powerful one is former American President Barack Obama. He described Islam as having a tradition of “peace, charity and justice.” Obama had been a Muslim in his youth when he lived in Indonesia with his stepfather. He should have known better than most Americans that Islam also has a major tradition of religiously motivated extreme violence. Obama should have consulted the former imam of the Grand Mecca Mosque, Sheikh Adel Al Kalbani who asserted that ISIS uses what he considers legitimate Islamic ideas to carry out its crimes.

Unfortunately, the above examples have not convinced American Jewish leaders to object strongly to the current immigration policy that does not vet those entering the country for anti-Semitic attitudes. There are already enough anti-Semites in the U.S. It is in American Jewry’s interest that additional hatemongers be kept out.