Texas Teen Convicted for Jihadi Plot at Local Mall

Texas Teen Convicted for Jihadi Plot at Local Mall

UTT Matin Azizi-Yarand, a muslim jihadi from Plano, Texas, pled guilty this week and received a concurrent sentence of 20 years for the Solicitation of Capital Murder, and 10 years for Terrorist Threats for plotting an attack at the Stonebriar Centre Mall in Frisco, Texas.

Matin was arrested May 1st, 2018 for threats to commit mass shootings under Texas statue 22.07 (1), (3), (4), (5), (6).   

Matin Azizi-Yarand 

Azizi-Yarand, thinking he was speaking to an ally but was actually snared in an FBI undercover operation, said his plan was inspired by ISIS (now called the “Islamic State”), and had been actively soliciting other individuals to assist him in the attack, which he planned to execute during Ramadan to insure fewer muslims would be injured.

Azizi-Yarand, a muslim, said, “I swear I want to achieve Allah’s pleasure and kill the kuffar.”

Azizi-Yarand said he had “been reading ISIS magazine guides for performing operations and making bombs.” He told an online FBI source he wanted to make hijrah or conduct a terrorist attack in the United States, and “It’s not about the numbers, it’s about getting the message across.”

Azizi-Yarand explained to an FBI source, “In their magazines they have claimed it is not about how many you kill but how much money you will make these countries spend in security just for a simple attack, although having a high  number (of casualties) will get their attention. The two agreed there needed to be a plan B.  Azizi-Yarand advised he, “Played some scenarios in my head…Yes, I want to put America in the state that Europe is in which is to have soldiers deployed on the streets.”

Magazines published by the Islamic State and Al Qaeda are available on-line to everyone who wants to read them, and are often cited as operational guides for such attacks.

Al Qaeda’s Inspire can be found here.

The Islamic State’s Dabiq can be found here.

On 12/16/17, Azizi-Yarand sent the FBI source an image of the ISIS flag and a firearm, and text beneath the photo states “Jihad…NO negotiations, NO conferences and NO dialogue.”  

A few weeks later, Azizi-Yarand told the FBI source, “ I read article from ISIS…speaking on matters of civilians. They say its better to attack them here and make them scared so it disgraces them.”

Azizi-Yarand later told an FBI source his ISIS contact said they should attack America even thought they have not had training.

“Guns are simple, just open fire…Paris attackers had no experience….how hard can it be to spray down a big crowd of people…Las Vegas the dude was just blind firing…and got 100.”

Azizi-Yarand also told the FBI source he wanted to stay in Texas and attack, and decided on Stonebriar Centre Mall. 

He reminded the FBI source to “make sure you pay off any personal debts…I’m not getting martyred without you.”

Azizi-Yarand explained to the FBI source he did not want to kill muslims, “that’s why I said Ramadan…iftar time. No Muslims are going to be at a mall when its time to be breaking your fast.”

Azizi-Yarand prepared  a statement before the planned attack stating, in part, “We target your people as revenge for ours who were slaughtered…you can move to another county that is not fighting the muslims but of course you want your easy lives in America so we will cast terror into your hearts as Allah commanded us. We will spill your blood as you have spilled ours more believers like us will answer the call to that which gives them life which is Jihad.”

“Only glory and returning of honor for Islam, this is surely the only way and best thing we can do as our situation is…and ultimately it will make kuffar wonder why these things happen. And will point their fingers at their government…they promised to keep them safe from terrorism but they will fail once again Inshallah.”Azizi-Yarand

“God revealed His will to the angels, saying: ‘I shall be with you. Give courage to the believers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers.’” (Koran 8:12)

Matin Azizi-Yarand has read the Koran and is following what Allah has commanded him. He planned a mass killing because he believed he would in favor with Allah since the Koran also says, “When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield strike off their heads.” (Koran 47:4)  

Anywhere you have a muslim community you have sharia.

Where there is sharia you have jihad.

Where you have jihad, you have a danger to the community.

Learn the threat and know the threat.

Understanding the Threat (UTT) is the ONLY organization in America:  (1) training citizens and local police how to identify and map out the jihadi network at the local level; (2) giving police aggressive investigative techniques to go after the jihadis and their network; and (3) giving state leaders a strategy to dismantle the jihadi network at the state level.

UTT has a long record of success. Bring UTT to your town and get your community energized to be educated, trained, and prepared to take the fight to the enemy, expose collaborators, and win this war.

Contact UTT via email at Info@UnderstandingtheThreat.com or go to http://www.UnderstandingtheThreat.com and contact us via our website.
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Bill Warner PhD: Acknowledge, Don’t Apologize

Acknowledge, Don’t Apologize

Every time jihadis kill Kafirs, our leaders and Muslims launch another “Don’t blame Muslims” campaign. The latest campaign is presented by Omar Alnatour. He takes the approach of Muslims should not apologize for what criminals do, because terrorists have nothing to do with Islam. OA: “Radicals have hijacked his religion” If a Muslim imitates Mohammed, he is following the Sunna, which the Koran commands Muslims to do. It is not a crime, if you do what Mohammed did. OA: “Islam teaches peace” Islam does preach peace, but it also preaches jihad. Mohammed rose to power on politics and jihad, not peace. OA: “Islam says not to kill the innocents” Yes, but Kafirs are guilty of rejecting Mohammed and are not innocent. OA: “Muslims are not terrorists” No, Muslims are called to be jihadis, not terrorists. The Koran devotes 24% of the Medinan Koran to jihad. OA: “Muslims condemn terrorism” Perhaps, but will Muslims acknowledge that they cannot condemn what Mohammed did? They cannot condemn Mohammed’s jihad. OA: “Good Muslims have no relationship to terrorists” Peaceful Muslims say the same prayers, read the same Koran and follow the Sunna as the jihadis.



Nigeria: Muslims Murder Another 10 Christians, Bringing Death Toll to 140 Since February 10

Nigeria: Muslims Murder Another 10 Christians, Bringing Death Toll to 140 Since February 10


Don’t expect to see anything about this ongoing jihad in the establishment media. No “Islamophobia” is involved, so “journalists” don’t care about what is happening in Nigeria.

“Another 10 Christians Killed in Kaduna State as Carnage Continues in Nigeria, Sources Say,” Morning Star News, March 18, 2019:

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed 10 Christians in southern Kaduna state, Nigeria on Saturday (March 16), bringing the lives lost in the past five weeks to 140 with 160 houses destroyed, sources said.

“We were all asleep in our various homes when at about 4 a.m. [Saturday], we heard gunshots everywhere in my village,” Amos Samuel, 40, of Nandu Gbok village in Sanga County told Morning Star News. “Everyone ran out of their homes to escape from the Fulani herdsmen. Three hours after the herdsmen left, those of us who survived the attack returned to the village to find that our houses were destroyed and 10 of our villagers killed.”

About 30 houses were burned in the attack, Sanga chairman Charles Danladi told Morning Star News, who also said 10 people were killed.

“The attack occurred while the villagers were still sleeping,” he said. “Normalcy has now been restored in the village, and we are making efforts to assist victims.”

Shehu Nicholas Garba, a member of Nigeria’s parliament, the National Assembly, and a resident of the area, said in a press statement that “about 10” people were killed and “about 30” houses were burned.

“Our communities are helpless and are pleading that all persons of conscience should speak out,” Garba said.

The Kaduna governor’s spokesman said Saturday night (March 16) that nine people died in the attack.

“The security agencies have so far recovered nine corpses, including children,” Samuel Aruwan said in a press statement. “Violence has left an unacceptable toll of death and injury, loss of livelihoods, pain and fear. The government condemns this attack on the life and security of citizens and appeals to our communities to resist those who do not want peace.”

Security agencies have been deployed in the area, and the State Emergency Management Agency has been directed to immediately provide relief materials to the affected community, Aruwan said.

130 Killed Previously

In Kajuru County, also in southern Kaduna state, Muslim Fulani herdsmen have killed 130 Christians since Feb. 10, sources said….

Ungwan Barde village was attacked twice, resulting in the killing of 28 people, said Luke Waziri, an area attorney and national assistant secretary of the Adara Development Association, an umbrella body of the predominantly Christian Adara ethnic group. Another 102 people were killed in attacks on Karamai, Inkirimi, Dogonnma and Ungwan Gora, he said….

“In all these, not a single person has been arrested, nor even questioned,” he said. “This is despite the fact that all the attacks took place either in the morning or in the evening – in full glare of everyone.”

Hundreds of terrorists had time to kill and leave without anyone being caught or apprehended, he said.

“However, in a strange twist of the application of justice, nine Adara elders and village chiefs were indiscriminately arrested and thrown into the Kaduna prison on allegations of complicity,” Waziri said. “The victims that have been killed and brutalized are the same ones being arrested and thrown into prison, while the real killers are being pampered, supported and allowed to freely continue their onslaught on people and our land.”…

UNREAL: Former ISIS Terrorist Currently Works For The Department of Justice in NYC

UNREAL: Former ISIS Terrorist Currently Works For The Department of Justice in NYC

The Brooklyn man who traveled to Syria to join ISIS has somehow been hired by the Department of Justice.

Published 3 weeks ago 

on Feb 22, 2019

ByRichard Moorhead

Alam Bhuiya
Alam Bhuiya

As Jihadi brides from western countries who joined the Islamic State make news for attempting to return home, it’s been revealed that a New York man who traveled to Syria to join the bloodthirsty group is now working for the Department for Justice.

30-year old Mohimanul Alam Bhuiya left New York City to join with the terrorist organization in 2014, having become radicalized by Islamist propaganda and seeking to pitch a plan to destroy civilian aircraft to the group.

Bhuiya admitted to recieving military training with ISIS and worked in various low-level capacities at what was the height of the caliphate’s existence.

Bhuiya eventually became disillusioned with ISIS, and was able to return to the United States on his own initiative after contacting the FBI and requesting “extraction.” He faced criminal charges that could’ve landed him with 25 years in prison upon returning, but got off easy in part because of cooperation with the FBI, only receiving supervised release.

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In a bizarre twist of fate, reporting from the Wall Street Journal now has confirmed that he’s employed by the U.S District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn. This development leaves many critics of prosecutorial misconduct alarmed, as it would normally be assumed that someone who joined the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization would be blacklisted from sensitive government positions.

Patrick Poole of PJ Media flagged the Wall Street Journal report.

Bhuiya’s employment for the Department of Justice is emblematic of the dominance of cultural elite progressives within America’s primary federal legal institution. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was described in a recent book by Deep State leaker Andrew McCabe as having bemoaned the employee force of the DOJ, calling them “new people with nose rings and tattoos.”

It’s uncertain how a department credibly accused of systemic political corruption and bias against right-of-center Americans aims to retain credibility among the broader public, especially with a hiring policy that allows former ISIS terrorist wannabes to secure employment within its ranks.

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The Caliphate is Over, But ISIS Isn’t

Robert Spencer in FrontPage: The Caliphate is Over, But ISIS Isn’t


Watch for more jihad in the U.S. My latest in FrontPage:

AFP reported Friday that the jihadists straggling out of the last stronghold of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria remain defiant, still vowing to murder Americans. In fact, this has been their longstanding plan, as revealed in a guide to destroying the United States that the jihad group published in its heyday, back in 2015.

The AFP report quoted one woman leaving the tiny remaining ISIS domain declaring, “The caliphate will not end, because it has been ingrained in the hearts and brains of the newborns and the little ones.” Another exclaimed: “We have left, but there will be new conquests in the future….We will seek vengeance, there will be blood up to your knees.”

The Islamic State has aspired to that for a long time. In 2015, it published How to Survive in the West, a detailed manual for subterfuge and subversion, and ultimately, for jihad bloodshed, in the United States and Europe. The ominous epigraph:

Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah (God), so they kill and are killed. [It is] a true promise [binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah ?

So rejoice in your transaction which you have contracted. And it is that which is the great success.

(Quran 9: 111)

How to Survive in the West began with a fanciful note of self-pity, claiming that Muslims were being unfairly targeted in the West:

A real war is heating up in the heart of Europe. Many Muslims are putting alot of effort into showing the world that we are peaceful citizens, we’re spending thousands of Euros to do Da’wah (invitation to Islam) campaigns to show how good we are in society, but we’re miserably failing. The leaders of disbelief repeatedly lie in the media and say that we Muslims are all terrorists, while we denied it and wanted to be peaceful citizens. But they have cornered us and forced us into becoming radicalised, and that will be the cause of their defeat and be the cause for the conquest of Rome.

Islam and Muhammad were being insulted, and it was time for Muslims to fight back:

As Muslims, we need to be prepared for what is coming our way. Media propaganda is the first step to justify what will happen later. So if Muslims are portrayed as evil terrorists, then the mass killing which happens to us afterwards will not be a big deal, infact [sic] it will be a sigh of relief for the fooled masses of people.

So what are Muslims supposed to do? Are we supposed to petition to a deaf ‘free press’ because our Prophet is being insulted day and night? Are we supposed to sit back until the police raids our homes for having the Quran and surah al-Tawbah [chapter nine of the Qur’an, which enjoins jihad warfare against Jews and Christians] on our shelves?

We as free Muslims cannot sit back and get locked up for something which is not a crime in the sight of Allah. In the Ummah (Nation) of Prophet Muhammad (saws), we have been taught to physically fight to defend ourselves and our religion, no matter where we are in the world.

How to Survive in the West then teaches Muslims “how to live a double-life, how to keep your Secret life private, how to survive in a threatening land, how you can Arm and strengthen the Muslims when the time for Jihad comes to your country, and neighborhood.”

A great deal of subterfuge would be needed:  “If you are a convert to Islam, you should try to hide your Islam as much as possible.…If you are a born Muslim: then don’t make it too obvious you have become a practicing Muslim….if you are a practising Muslim, and you have a beard already, then don’t remove it if it will bring unwanted attention to yourself. I.e. your family, friends and colleagues will get more suspicious why you removed it, forcing them to spy on you more.”

This was all part of an effort at “making yourself look more friendly and open minded to the Western public. For example: Muslims who call themselves by a Western nickname gain more acceptances by their non Muslim colleagues. This can be an advantage because it reduces their suspicion of you as they consider you more open minded and less ‘extreme’ (religious.)”

To get money, the jihadi-in-waiting should steal from non-Muslims: “Do not feel guilty if you take back a small amount of what they have stolen from us. Easy money Ideas: If you are an expert in credit card fraud, paypal/ebay scams, Phishing, hacking, or you know the secrets of a big company, then take advantage of your skills. If you can claim extra benefits from a government, then do so. If you can avoid paying taxes, then do so.”

How to Survive in the West details how jihadis should carefully use the Internet, how they should communicate with each other, how they should keep in shape, and even how they should undertake weapons training using “Toy guns (Nerf guns), or Pellet guns or Paintball guns for target practice.” It also includes bomb-making instructions and tips on how to make sure one is not under surveillance. It goes into the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre again, explaining how its perpetrators got their weapons and carried out their attack – making it clear that the author of How to Survive in the West, and the Islamic State in general, intends to train new cadres of jihadis to carry out an increasing number of jihad massacres in the United States and Europe.

Could any ISIS adherents be following this plan in the United States today? To think that would be “Islamophobic,” right?

In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost

In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost


UTTAfter spending all of last week in Minnesota, UTT’s professional assessment of the enemy situation is this:  the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota – known as the “Twin Cities” – are in enemy-held territory.  They are, at least for the time being, lost – meaning, they are under the control of a collaborative jihadist/marxist element there.


The jihadi network in America is documented by UTT here, here and here, as well as in Raising a Jihadi Generation.

The Islamic jihadi network in the United States includes the most prominent Islamic organizations in America, as well as most of the 3,000+ Islamic Centers/mosques, all of the 700+ Muslim Students Associations (MSAs), all of the Islamic Societies and Islamic Associations (Hamas), and a large number of the Islamic non-profits created in 1993 forward.

The purpose of the Islamic Movement here – per their stated doctrine – is to wage Civilization Jihad until America becomes an Islamic State under sharia (Islamic Law).

One of the most popular junior high school text book in Islamic schools in the United States (Emmerick, Yahya, 1999, What Islam is All About, page 382) states:

“The duty of Muslim citizens is to be loyal to the Islamic State.”

Enemy Strength

Minnesota is home to the largest Somali population in America.  It is estimated that over 125,000 Somalis live there, most of whom are in the Minneapolis area.  This community sent at least 22 Islamic jihadi fighters overseas to fight for the terrorist group Al Shabaab, although some estimate the number is closer to four dozen.

The  Cedar Riverside neighborhood is also called “Little Mogadishu” in reference to Somalia’s capital.  Some Minneapolis residents feel parts of their city have become like a third world nation.

Inside a 10 mile radius of Minneapolis city-center, there are at least 29 Islamic Centers/mosques, and an unknown number of home-mosques.  The Twin Cities area is home to Hamas organizations including CAIR and Islamic Associations.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Associations (MSAs) are on at least 21 Minnesota college and university campuses. There are MSAs in at least 11 Minnesota high schools recruiting jihadis and turning public opinion towards the Palestinian Cause (Hamas) and away from Israel.

Other Muslim Brotherhood (jihadi) organizations in and around the Twin Cities area include the Islamic Societies in Woodbury and Willmar, the Muslim American Society (MAS), and others.

The Twin Cities is home to the first official organization representing Al-Azhar University in Egypt -the Islamic University of Minnesota (IUM).  Al-Azhar is the oldest and most authoritative school of Islamic jurisprudence on the planet.  At IUM students are taught that killing Jews, waging jihad, and imposing sharia on the world are obligations for all Muslims.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are also home to the Minnesota Dawah Institute.  This Institute focuses on spreading Islamic Dawah, the call to Islam, a mandatory requirement before jihad can be waged.

As a result of this invasion of Minnesota, the average Muslim on the street wants to overturn U.S. law and live by sharia.  This includes the open support of killing people who mock Mohammad, Islam’s prophet.  For a realistic view, see the Ami Horowitz short video on the streets of the Muslim Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, also known as the “West Bank” of the University of Minnesota, HERE.

Elected Leadership

Without exception, elected officials in the Twin Cities’ area have not only surrendered to local Islamic leaders, they are using the force of their positions to silence and attack Minnesota citizens who want to keep their freedom.

America’s first Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, represents the 5th District of Minnesota, which includes Minneapolis.  Ellison has been a vocal supporter of Hamas (CAIR) and the Muslim Brotherhood. Congressman Ellison is actively working to silence any criticism of Islam or jihad here in the United States, and works directly with the first Islamic political party here, the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations.

Watch the Congressional testimony of UTT’s Chris Gaubatz HERE about Congressman Ellison’s attendance at a Muslim Brotherhood event.

U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison speaks at the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) made up of many jihadi/Muslim Brotherhood leaders in America
U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison speaks at the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) made up of many jihadi/Muslim Brotherhood leaders in America

U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison speaks at the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) made up of many jihadi/Muslim Brotherhood leaders in America

MN Governor Mark Dayton speaking at the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim American Society
MN Governor Mark Dayton speaking at the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim American Society

MN Governor Mark Dayton speaking at the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim American Society

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton made his position clear when he told citizens of that state if they do not like the growing Muslim Somali population in Minnesota they can leave.

Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith is a hard-left Marxist who was the former Vice President of Planned Parenthood for Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Both Governor Dayton and Lieutenant Governor Smith have forged a strong working relationship with Hamas (CAIR) in Minneapolis.

MN Lt Governor Tina Smith (l) and MN Governor Dayton at HAMAS (CAIR) event

MN Lt Governor Tina Smith (l) and MN Governor Dayton at HAMAS (CAIR) event

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has bowed to the Islamic community, and advocates stopping “Islamophobia” instead of dealing with jihadi attacks in the United States and her state.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges speaking to Somali elders and others in Minneapolis
Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges speaking to Somali elders and others in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges speaking to Somali elders and others in Minneapolis

Under the watch of Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, the jihadi threat has increased exponentially. There are 83 Islamic Centers/masjids/mosques and Islamic Societies in Hennepin County. Sheriff Stanek has refused briefings on the threat from UTT, yet works with jihadis in the community.

Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek (l) and President Barak Obama (r)
Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek (l) and President Barak Obama (r))

Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek (l) and President Barak Obama (r)

In March 2016, Sheriff Stanek and other law enforcement organizations from around Minneapolis hosted the jihadi community in the Hennepin County Public Safety Office.  The message to the Muslims was that the law enforcement community would protect Muslims from “hate crimes and backlash” despite the fact FBI Criminal data shows no such threat exists in the U.S.   Yet, despite the threat from increasing jihadi attacks, including the recent stabbing by a Muslim jihadi in a mall in St. Cloud on September 17, 2016, numerous Muslims are being recruited in Minneapolis for terrorist groups, and no measures have been taken by the Sheriff to deter the threat other than outreach to the Muslim community.

And…citizens in Minnesota voted for these people.

It is worth noting that Minneapolis City Councilman Abdi Warsame from Somalia moved to rename three streets in Minneapolis to Somali names since a large portion of Minneapolis is now Somali.

U.S. Attorney for Minneapolis

Of all the officials in Minneapolis, the U.S. Attorney, Andrew Lugar, is the most egregious example of abuse of power.  Mr. Lugar does not pursue the jihadis in Minneapolis, he openly defends them and has publicly stated he will use the full authority of his office to stop “Islamophobia.”  Meaning, he will squash Minnesotans free speech rights to give cover to jihadis in Minneapolis.

U.S. Attorney for Minneapolis Andrew Lugar (at podium) speaks on behalf of Jihadis in MN
U.S. Attorney for Minneapolis Andrew Lugar (at podium) speaks on behalf of Jihadis in MN

U.S. Attorney for Minneapolis Andrew Lugar (at podium) speaks on behalf of Jihadis in MN


The media in Minneapolis, including the Star Tribune, the local CBS affiliate WCCO, Minnesota Public Radio and many others, are not interested in investigative journalism or the truth.  These media outlets propagate a hard-left/Marxist narrative that provides cover to the jihadis in Minnesota while keeping the public in the dark of the real dangers.

UTT provided these organizations evidence from the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history revealing CAIR was created by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee (Hamas) to be a Hamas organization here in America.  Yet, while they called for UTT’s programs to be shut down in Minnesota, they openly defend Hamas (CAIR) and never mention any of the evidence from the FBI or Department of Justice detailing CAIR is a terrorist organization.

CVE Gets Minnesota Coming and Going

The Countering Violent Extremism or CVE is a program created in Britain by the Muslim Brotherhood.   This is a hostile information campaign and a double-agent program, and was eagerly sought after by the U.S. government.  CVE’s purpose is to ensure Muslim Brotherhood leaders are exclusively used by the government as the liaison for all matters pertaining to Islam and terrorism, so the MB controls the narrative in this war.

In Minnesota, the Islamic leadership took this to a new level when President Obama used Minneapolis as a CVE pilot city.   The Muslim community not only uses CVE to control the counterterrorism efforts in Minneapolis/St. Paul, they are now bashing Minnesota’s leaders for the “Islamophobia” of CVE.  It is a self-sustaining circular thrashing of Minnesota’s leadership for doing what the Muslim community asked them to do.  Classic counterintelligence tactics.

Other Noteworthies

Moreover, since Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (6th District, 2007-2015) began courageously defending the state of Minnesota against the jihadi onslaught, the federal government has poured tens of thousands of Somali refugees into Minnesota.  The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Department of Justice filed lawsuits against her high school – Anoka – for “harassment” of lesbian and gay students.  This is exactly the kind of targeted attack that is typical of the Marxist movement in support of jihadis across the United States.


UTT’s assessment the Twin Cities are lost is based on:

  1. The significant Islamic jihadi network.
  2. The support the jihadis have from all levels of the government in Minneapolis, as well as the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.
  3. A complicit media.
  4. Minnesota citizens are nearly completely unaware of the threat or willfully complacent.
  5. Law enforcement leadership is either defending the jihadis or denying there is a counterintelligence issue.
  6. Pastors and rabbis sit silently.

If Minnesota is to retake its capital city and survive this war, it is the Sheriffs and Pastors who must be pressed by the citizens to do their duties.  The situation in Minnesota, as in the United States in general, constitutes an insurgency. In the counter-insurgency, Minnesota must be retaken County by county.   Citizens must ensure their law enforcement officers/deputies are knowledgeable and trained, and their pastors are fit for the pulpit.  If the people are to be energized, courageous Pastors must speak truth in love to the growing threat to Minnesota.JGal-taqiyyaAlinskyCAIRChris GaubatzCivilization JihadCongresscounterinsurgencyCounterintelligencedeceptionDesignated TerroristDualityEspionageHamasInformation DominanceInformation WarfareInterfaith OutreachInternational Muslim BrotherhoodISISIslamic Center of MinnesotaIslamic LawjihadLaw EnforcementMarxismMinnesota StabbingMuslim BrotherhoodNAITPenetration OperationsPermissible LyingPolitical WarfarePropagandaRadical IslamRaising a Jihadi GenerationshariaSouthern Poverty Law CenterState LegislaturesStealth JihadSubversionTerrorismUS Muslim BrotherhoodUS Palestine CommitteeUSA v Holy Land FoundationUTT9/11Al Azharal qaedaallahAmi HorowitzAndrew LugarAnokaBetsy HodgesCAIRCedar RiversideCouncil on American Islamic RelationsDoJFBIHamasHennepin CountyIkhwanInternational Muslim BrotherhoodIslamIslamic Society of North AmericaIslamophobiajihadKeith EllisonMark DaytonMASMichele BachmannMinnesota Dawah InstituteMinnesota Public RadioMSAMuslimMuslim BrotherhoodMuslim Students AssociationNAITNihad AwadNorth American Islamic TrustObamaPlanned ParenthoodRich StanekshariaSPLCSt CloudSt.PaulStar TribuneterrorismTina SmithUniversity of MinnesotaUS-designated FTOUSCMOWCCOWillmarWoodbury

About JGJohn Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).

Mr. President, Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization…Because It Is!

Mr. President, Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization…Because It Is!

The following data on the Muslim Brotherhood include portions from the U.S. Senate Bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. See the full bill here.

The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s stated objective is to overthrow the U.S. government and establish an Islamic State under sharia in violation of U.S. federal law.

Evidence demonstrates the International Muslim Brotherhood and all of its subsidiaries – including the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood – should be designated terrorist organizations.

Statement of Facts

The International Muslim Brotherhood was created in 1928 in Egypt to re-establish the Islamic State (caliphate) under sharia (Islamic Law).

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Creed reads: “Allah is our goal, the Prophet is our guide, the Koran is our law, jihad is our way, and dying in the cause of Allah is our highest aspiration.”

The By-Laws of the International Muslim Brother (IMB) identify the IMB as an “International Muslim body which seeks to establish Allah’s law (sharia) in the land….the Islamic nation must be fully prepared to fight the tyrants and enemies of Allah as a prelude to establishing an Islamic state.”

The Muslim Brotherhood’s objectives are identical to Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and all other jihadi organizations.

Hamas is a Foreign Terrorist Organization and is also “one of the wings of the Brotherhood in Palestine” according to an MB document – the Hamas Covenant.

Terrorist conferences held in Khartoum, Sudan hosted by Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood leader Hassan al-Turabi in Khartoum, Sudan in 1994 and 1995 included representatives from Iranian intelligence, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria, and leaders from the International Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf Countries, Hamas (the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood), the Islamic Action Front (Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood), and the Ennahda Movement (the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood).

Osama bin Laden was present at the conferences. 

The parties at the Khartoum meeting agreed to launch a terrorism offensive beginning in 1995, with targets including U.S. interests, including attacks inside the United States.

Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Jamal Khalifa, a veteran of the Soviet-Afghan war and brother-in-law and close confidant of Osama bin Laden was arrested in California in December 1994 on charges related to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Khalifa was linked to the planned Al Qaeda Operation Bojinka plot that included the bombing of 11 airplanes between Asia and the United States.

In 2001, the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Call Committee was designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. government. Evidence demonstrates the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Call Committee was a financial conduit for Osama bin Laden & Al Qaeda, including funding Al Qaeda operations in Chechnya, Libya, and the United States (1993 World Trade Center Bombing, 9/11 attacks).

In 2004 Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood leader Shaykh Abd-al-Majid Al-Zindani was designated a Specially Designated Terrorist by the U.S. government and was closely tied to Osama bin Laden.

In 2003 Russia banned the MB from operating there.

In 2013 Egypt declared the MB a terrorist organization.

In 2014 Saudi Arabia declared the MB a terrorist organization.

In 2014 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) declared the MB a terrorist organization.

In 2011, FBI Director Robert Mueller stated to Congress:  “I can say at the outset that elements of the Muslim Brotherhood both here and overseas have supported terrorism.”

As a matter of fact numerous jihadi attacks in the United States can be tied directly to Muslim Brotherhood organizations including: Fort Hood massacre (Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Dar al Hijra Islamic Center in VA); Boston Marathon Bombing (Islamic Society of Boston & Muslim American Society); Killing of Army Private Andy Long in Little Rock, Arkansas (Muslim Students Association); Chattanooga Attack killing 4 Marines and 1 Navy sailor (Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga); and the list goes on.

See UTT’s video on the Chattanooga jihadi attack HERE.

A victim of Major Nidal Hasan’s Islamic jihad at Fort Hood, Texas goes to his final resting place while the Dar al Hijra Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia – a Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas mosque – remains open.
Muslims affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Society of Boston/Muslim American Society waged jihad and killed five (5) people including two (2) police officers and wounded hundreds of others in Boston in 2013.
Four (4) Marines and one (1) Navy sailor were killed by Islamic jihadi Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga.


The following are a few of the U.S. Islamic organizations working to establish an Islamic State under sharia as a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement:

Ahed International; All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS); Al Maghrib Institute; American Muslim Alliance; American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)/Hamas; American Open University; Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA); Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS); Association of Muslim Scientists & Engineers (AMSE); Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)/Hamas; Council on Islamic Education (CIE); Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago; Dar al Hijra Islamic Center; Diyanet Center of America; Emerge USA/Hamas; Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA); Freedom & Justice Foundation; Helping Hand for Relief and Development; Holy Dove Foundation; ICNA Relief; International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT); Islamic Assembly of North America; Islamic Association of North America; Islamic Center of Naperville; Islamic Center of Wheaton; Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA); Islamic Center of Detroit; Islamic Community Center of Illinois; Islamic Council of Oklahoma; Islamic Development Bank; Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York; Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA); Islamic Saudi Academy; Islamic Services Foundation; Islamic Shura Council of North America; Islamic Shura Council of Southern California; Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center; Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); Islamic University of Minnesota; Mercy Without Limits; Minaret of Freedom Institute; The Mosque Foundation; Muslim Advocates; Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA); Muslim American Society (MAS); Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA); Muslim Communities Association (MCA); Muslim Forum of the Pacific Northwest; Muslim Legal Fund of America; Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC); Muslim Students Association (MSA); Muslim Ummah of North America; Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA); North American Imams Federation; North American Islamic Trust (NAIT); Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)/Hamas; The Mosque Cares; Turquoise Foundation; United Hands Relief; United Muslim Relief; United Voices for America; and the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO).

This above list is not even close to being all-inclusive, and does not include the vast majority of the over 3200 Islamic Centers/mosques across all 50 states controlled by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, as well as over 800 Muslim Students Associations and over 270 Islamic Societies in America today.

Nor does this list include the Deobandi entities (Dar al Uloom) nor the shia/Iranian entities inside the United States.

UTT NOTE: It is appropriate to dub all of the organizations listed above as “HATE GROUPS” and their leaders “JIHADIS” – or “TERRORISTS” if you prefer.

There is an immediate and severe threat to Americans from the thousands of Muslim Brotherhood organizations and their affiliates in the United States today.

For this reason Understanding the Threat (UTT) calls for the Muslim Brotherhood to be designated a terrorist organization immediately.JGACLUAl AzharAl QaedaAllahApostasyArizonaCAIRDepartment of DefenseDepartment of Homeland SecurityDesignated TerroristDHS SecretaryDiyanetDonald TrumpEspionageFox NewsHamasInterfaith OutreachInternational Muslim BrotherhoodIranISILISISIslamIslamic LawISNAjihadJohn GuandoloMosqueMuslimMuslim AdvocatesMuslim BrotherhoodOICOrganisation of Islamic CooperationOz SultanPakistanPresidentPresident Bill ClintonPresident George BushSaudi ArabiaSecretary of StateshariaState Sponsors of TerrorismTed CruzTerrorismTreasonTurkeyTurkish Muslim BrotherhoodUS Muslim BrotherhoodUS Palestine CommitteeUSA v Holy Land FoundationUTTzakatADAMSAl Maghrib Instituteal qaedaAll Dulles Area Muslim SocietyallahAmerican Muslims for PalestineAndy LongArmed Islamic Group of AlgeriaBojinkaBostoncaliphateChattanoogaChechnyaCongressDar al HijraEgyptEgyptian Islamic JihadEnnahda MovementFort HoodGulfHamasHassan al-TurabiHezbollahIranIslamIslamic Action FrontIslamic Call Committeeislamic lawislamic StatejihadKhartoumKuwaitLittle RockMohammad Jamal KhalifaMuslimMuslim BrotherhoodOsama bin LadenPalestinePalestinian Islamic jihadRober MuellerRussiaSaudi ArabiashariaSudanterrorismTunisiaUnited Arab EmiratesWorld Trade CenterYemenZindani

About JGJohn Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).

Common Ground to Define the Enemy Threat

Common Ground to Define the Enemy Threat


Ever since 9/11, a big problem dividing our free society and confusing our debate about the threats we face has to do with definitions and labels we use to explain our enemy. So far, we have failed to unite in defense of America because Americans have never been clear about what to name that enemy. If we cannot agree on what to name them, we cannot agree on identifying who they are, let alone understand what their motives might be, or how they might plot or attack next.

In national defense, the first requirement is to make an accurate threat assessment. That is possible only if we can identify the enemy as a threat, before he attacks. Without correct identification of the enemy, our national defense can never be proactive. Instead, it can only be reactive, after we have been attacked.

To simplify this task, let’s constrain the topic here to just the deadly enemy threat that we can follow easily enough as the “Islamic Movement.” We can justify that narrow focus most evidently if we merely use the body count of its victims as a primary consideration.

In the 9/11 attacks, that enemy killed almost 3,000 of our non-combatant people inside America. Additionally, over the past several decades, that same ideological movement is responsible for many more thousands of deaths, including many more Americans. In the defensive wars following 9/11, that same Islamic Movement has claimed the lives of more thousands of Americans in military service and left many thousands more gravely maimed and wounded. So altogether, the umbrella of the Islamic Movement is an enemy threat force which, in our most recent era, has violently claimed and severely damaged the lives of tens of thousands of Americans, and of countless more non-American innocents. On the body count criteria, no other ideological threat force can even come close to matching that toll of violence against Americans.

But it raises some questions: Can we accurately identify the Islamic Movement as the umbrella enemy posing that threat? And if we can, then why are our leaders consistently failing to do so? In an attempt to prove the case that the Islamic Movement is the threat, and to end that failure to identify it, we must work from a shared understanding. We can call it our “Common Ground.”

After an unexpected attack, we can usually identify an enemy by tracing back the evidence path leading into the attack. For example, on December 7, 1941, we suffered a surprise attack on our naval fleet at Pearl Harbor. The evidence trail identified the Japanese empire as the culprits, and strategists developed a working plan of how to defend against and counter their next likely moves. Likewise, after the surprise attack on September 11, 2001, we could also easily uncover the evidence trail, down to the identities and prior preparations of the 19 Muslim hijackers on the destroyed airliners.

Points of evidence led 9/11 investigators to find other evidence. In any proper investigation, it is not really a chain of evidence which forms. A chain will be broken with one bad link. Rather, a good investigation creates a best working model that is more like a network of evidence. Each point of evidence can form a node, rather than a single link. Each node can have multiple connection paths to other evidence points and nodes. A competent investigation analysis will compile those nodes and paths into a clear pattern. The enemy thus becomes identifiable, and tts plots and tendencies will become predictable, to establish defense and counter moves.

However, that professional investigation is not the only source which forms our Common Ground understanding of who attacked us and why. Two other major sources are at work. One is an intentional disinformation campaign, orchestrated by a coalition of 1) the Islamic enemy within, which is advising our people in power (think of CAIR); 2) the Leftist enemy within, which shares the same destructive goal as the Islamic enemy (think of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)); 3) the wishful thinking and willful ignorance of our softer leaders, who, despite the professionally compiled evidence trail to the contrary, readily accept the propaganda message put out by the first two on face value (think of George W. Bush and his rhetorical invention, “Religion of Peace”).

A further faulty narrative source comes from the non-professionals, with fringe ideas. As they contribute in the mass media environment, their alternative theories will attract their wishful thinking followers. But a professional evidence model will easily discard those as faulty. Some such narratives are rooted in outright fakes. But they will always be pieces that fail to fit in the large network of evidence. That fact is simply self-evident. You cannot connect a thing that will not connect.

So in the competent investigation, a clear threat assessment model will form, which can be reasoned from the assembled network of well-tied evidence nodes. Non-fitting junk will get debunked and discarded.

So now we run into the main problem in our search for Common Ground understanding of the threat which defines the enemy who attacked us on 9/11. We can form a rational network model of evidence, professionally well-constructed. But, the true narrative from that comes up against competition from other forces in our society who do not want our model to be the narrative.

Our success will require us to keep bringing our factual network of evidence nodes into the Common Ground narrative. We cannot persuade everybody. But we must out-compete parts of those other narratives, which are faulty.

We do have a large baseline in our favor. These are the people who want America to survive. They don’t want to be violently attacked, nor to see other Americans be violently attacked. These are all people who are inherently on our side. But they do not all know or understand our solid network of evidence. Many have been fooled by the false narratives. But these in the baseline are all people we can potentially reach. And we can probably assume that they are the majority of Americans. Preservation of America and of Americans is our baseline Common Ground goal with them.

Let’s not waste much time fighting with the remaining minority who persist outside of that shared baseline. They will never be relevant to our purpose of coming to Common Ground terms to identify, defend against, and counter the Islamic Movement enemy that seeks to defeat and conquer us.

So our Common Ground baseline of societal self-preservationists will naturally include a wide political range of both conservatives and progressives / liberals, Republicans and Democrats. By definition, they will all accept that we were attacked on 9/11 by an outside group of enemy agents. But our terms of how to label that enemy is where we clash. Our goal must be to persuade more of them, by evidence, that the threatening entity is an identifiable ideology of supremacist conquest — the Islamic Movement.

So then, how can we encourage wider usage of our more accurate, evidence-based terms to define this enemy and its motives and goals? After the 9/11 attack, the biggest voices have come to label them “terrorists,” or “killers.” President Bush awkwardly named our national defense operation against this enemy as the “War on Terror.” And to really confuse us all, his invented “Terror” name for the enemy promoted the odd fantasy that there are some non-Islamic terror operatives who we must also be at war with, just to keep it politically correct, perhaps. But even the mass murderous drug cartels to our southern border never quite rated as “Terror” in this war or earlier.

Clearly, it was named to mislead, to exclude the word “Islam.” We can only conclude that the Islamic Movement enemy close to the president was partly responsible for creating that deception.

Using an inadequate label of “terrorist” gives us no predictive ability to prevent attacks. “Terror” fails to explain any motive or ideology or belief or goal behind the attack. We need more clearly defined terms that actually match the attackers’ ideology.

Usage of the term “Islamic Movement” is a step toward more clear labels. We are sometimes more precise, and will just say “Islam,” because then we are speaking true to terms that Muslims use. But sometimes clarity like that comes at risk of losing the attention of many people within our Common Ground. They remain trapped in misguided tolerance indoctrination, and politically correct resistance to what they will perceive as harsh and a turnoff. While we can still logically define the threat as a “Movement,” which connotes an ideology of societal, political, and militaristic aims.

Previous attempts to resolve this dilemma of labels have invented terms for these killers, such as, “Radical Islamic Terrorist” or “Islamist.” These labels are fictional. They do not exist internally inside any Islamic context, among any followers of Islam. But to be clear, Islam does in fact define fighters for Islam as mujahideen.

For example, Quran 4:95 tells Muslims, “Not equal are those believers remaining [at home] – other than the disabled – and the mujahideen, [who strive and fight] in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred the mujahideen through their wealth and their lives over those who remain [behind], by degrees. And to both Allah has promised the best [reward]. But Allah has preferred the mujahideen over those who remain [behind] with a great reward.”

Mujahideen are those who wage jihad — jihadists. But it is enough to simply point to this and other verses of violence commanded in Quran, to account for the motive of the attackers.

And then, having clearly established ideological identity and motive, we can ask, “Where is this verse taught, as an attack doctrine upon random clusters of Americans? Who are the teachers, and where do their students come from? Who funds the salaries, and the tuition?

Those questions take us off the defensive, and instead shift the burden of defense to where it belongs — onto the proponents of the Islamic Movement in our midst. Their task must first be to perceptibly reduce and then eliminate such teachings of violence among Muslims. It is not acceptable that they will instead deny the terrorist meaning of the verse, as a further tactic against us. Rather, they must actually pursue the funding trail to the mass teachings of Quran-based terror motivation, and cut it off, if they have any authority.

If they lack that authority, then their excuses toward us are just noise. They would fail our Common Ground goal of life and societal preservation in America. They will have proven that they simply cannot promote Quran as a book of peace and tolerance toward non-Muslims, as they come up against more credible voices of violence inherent in the Islamic Movement.

As established above, our Common Ground is always based in American security as a prime goal. We must not leave our fate in the hands of ineffective Islamic leaders among us, who simply say things that we like to hear. Those leaders, if they are to be part of our Common Ground, must be competent to effect life-saving change within the Islamic training system that propagates terror and slaughter out of Quran and other source texts. If that change proves to be improbable, by the weight of modern Islamic scholarship and authority, then the evidence revealed by the failed attempt will simply establish that Quran and other source texts of Islam are in fact the enemy threat doctrine.

North American Mohammedan Imams Calling for the Murder of Jews in the U.S.


North American Imams calling to murder Jews Imams who advocate mass murder are only the tip of the iceberg of the hatred coming out of segments of Muslim society in the U.S. Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld , 28/12/18 08:32 | updated: 12:25

Manfred Gerstenfeld
Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld
The writer has been a long-term adviser on strategy issues to the boards of several major multinational corporations in Europe and North America.He is board member and former chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and recipient of the LIfetime Achievement Award (2012) of the Journal for the Study of Anti-Semitism.
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Muslim immigration into North America has brought with it several religious preachers who call for the murder of Jews. This happens sometimes in mosques where these words are occasionally even cheered by the hating faithful. This type of incitement is also frequently found on social media.

The same extreme hatemongering by Muslim preachers in Western Europe has been previously exposed by this writer. The incitement by Muslims against Jews in the Western world has increased as a result of the nonselective immigration policy of these countries. Hate imams living in democracies calling for the murder of Jews is a reality which is not looked at systematically despite the fact that it should be subjected to extreme scrutiny.

A few examples of North American imams calling for the murder of Jews will illustrate this. In 2017, Ramadan Elsabagh head of the Islamic Services Foundation Quran Institute in Garland Texas, posted a recorded prayer to his Facebook page caling to “destroy the Zionists and their allies, and those who assist them and those who allowed them into the abodes of the Muslims. . . Oh Allah save [Al Aqsa] from the hands of the accursed violators. . . . Oh Allah destroy them.” Elsabagh is also a featured Quran reader on many internet sites.

When President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December 2017, Imam Raed Saleh Al-Rousan of Houston, Texas preached that “Muslims should fight the Jews.” He spoke in Arabic. The Washington-based MEMRI Institute uploaded an English translation of his inciting words to their website. Al-Rousan then apologized saying that he is opposed to all forms of terrorism.

Around the same time, Imam Abdullah Khadra of Raleigh, North Carolina mentioned a Hadith – a traditional saying of Mohammed – about killing Jews.

In Jersey City. New Jersey, Imam Aymen El Kasaby called the Jews “apes and pigs.” He promoted their annihilation and was cheered on by people attending his sermon. He prayed to Allah: “Count them one by one, and kill them down to the very last one, do not leave a single one on the face of the earth.” The worshippers
He prayed to Allah: “Count them one by one, and kill them down to the very last one, do not leave a single one on the face of the earth.” The worshippers responded “Amen.”

responded “Amen.”

The Islamic Center of Jersey City suspended El Kasaby for four months without pay. Yet, the fact that his employers allow this extreme hate monger to continue to preach shows that the problem surpasses a few extreme individuals. These expressions of hatred usually go beyond even the extremes of right wing antisemitism.

At the Davis Islamic Center in Northern California, Imam Ammar Shahin preached in his sermon that the Jews were contaminating Muslim shrines with their filth. He said: “Oh Allah, count them one by one and annihilate them down to the very last one.” Afterwards, the Imam apologized to the people he had offended.

Canada is not spared either. In 2004, South African-born Sheik Younus Kathrada from Vancouver referred to Jews as “the brothers of the monkeys and the swine” in sermons posted on the Internet. He said that the Prophet tells: “Oh Muslim, Oh slave of Allah.., behind me is a Jew. Then come and kill him.” He added that Islamic scripture predicted an apocalyptic battle with the Jews. Kathrada said, “Unfortunately we hear too many people saying we must build bridges with them. No. They understand one language. It is the language of the sword, and it is the only language they understand.”

In 2016, Imam Ayman El-Kasrawy based in Toronto, said: “O Allah, whoever wishes ill for us and wishes ill for Islam and the Muslims, make his plot tied around his neck. O Allah, turn fate against them and annihilate them as you annihilated the peoples of Aad and Thamud.”

Imams who advocate mass murder are only the tip of the iceberg of the hatred coming out of segments of Muslim society in the U.S. Imam Abdul Alim Musa – an African American convert — spoke at the Al-Islam Mosque in Washington in 2016 and said about Trump that the Zionists will “bring a fool to power anytime they can, to do their bidding.” He accused Zionists of creating a Hitler-like environment similar to the one existing before World War II. He also claimed that Zionists were behind the terror attacks on the World Trade Centre on 9/11 and then framed Muslims.

On October 18, 2018 at the Islamic Center of South Florida, Imam Hasan Sabri called for the liberation of Palestine even at the cost of tens of millions of Muslim lives.

The extreme hate speech by several imams and the support of their faithful exposes a structural problem in American society. The First Amendment of the Constitution’s free speech rules apparently enables both incitement to murder and applauding it. If these preachers do not have American citizenship, the U.S. should have expelled them. Yet, it may take a long time before Americans become aware of the need to change the Constitution to make such hate speech punishable.

Unhindered extreme hate mongering raises additional issues. Beyond the inciter and his followers there are also whitewashers of incitement. By far the most powerful one is former American President Barack Obama. He described Islam as having a tradition of “peace, charity and justice.” Obama had been a Muslim in his youth when he lived in Indonesia with his stepfather. He should have known better than most Americans that Islam also has a major tradition of religiously motivated extreme violence. Obama should have consulted the former imam of the Grand Mecca Mosque, Sheikh Adel Al Kalbani who asserted that ISIS uses what he considers legitimate Islamic ideas to carry out its crimes.

Unfortunately, the above examples have not convinced American Jewish leaders to object strongly to the current immigration policy that does not vet those entering the country for anti-Semitic attitudes. There are already enough anti-Semites in the U.S. It is in American Jewry’s interest that additional hatemongers be kept out.

Sharia Law for Non Muslims

Islam is a political system with its own body of laws called Sharia. Sharia law is based on entirely different principles than our laws. Many of these laws concern the non-Muslim.

What does Sharia law mean for the citizens of this state? How will this affect us? What are the long-term effects of granting Muslims the right to be ruled by Sharia, instead of our laws? Each and every demand that Muslims make is based on the idea of implementing Sharia law in America. Should we allow any Sharia at all? Why? Why not?

How can any political or legal authority make decisions about Sharia law if they do not know what it is? Is this moral? The answers to all of these questions are found in this book.


I highly recommend this book. I’ve read it and keep it in my personal library.